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*Twilight Trigger* [IZK]

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Hey newgrounds. What's up guys? Here comes another song that I hope is to your liking. It's something I was working on for the past two days really... Had some mixed feelings about it. I felt pretty mellow... and yet... dark at the same time. It's a weird mix of emotions... so I just put it all into this song.

It should sound something like Dark Tempest, but mind you, this is a completely new song all on its own. Sort of the same format I guess. Either way, I hope you enjoy it. Took me two days to do really... other than that, there's not much else to say.

As always, criticism is greatly appreciated. Good or bad, I'd love to know what your thoughts are. Enjoy newgrounds, 'cause it took some brain power and a lot of messing around lol.


My brother, ShinRok~
Taught me about layering lol. Didn't even know about it, really, until right now lol XD And thanks for helping me form the harmony in the song. I appreciate it.



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Big problems

your frequencies are all over the place. And it messes everything up. Not hearing any layering either, the bassy lead drowns the entire song out, that needs to be softclipped or side chained. Drums and rides need to be side chained a lot. But I liked the drums, nice and hard.

Very good.

Always have been a huge fan of Drum N' Bass, very good song that deserves to have such a good score. I think that the only part that I didn't like was that water drop like sound, you overused it a tad.

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Ooooh... Weell, in the least, I'm glad you liked it.


nice breaks

sounds pretty sick. you should make a cd or something

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

I plan on doing that sometime in the future. Expect a CD coming your way, mate XD



you have surpassed your brother in skill, nothing more to be said

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Hahah. Nawww. I think I still have way more to learn and more to incorporate into my songs. There's so much I need to input. But thanks anyway. I still think my bro is better than me XD



Woah, another very nice darkstepping track here bro.

Breaks were nice once again, interesting resampled rhythms, nice and powerful (maybe a bit too much compressing/exciting, atleast it feels so in the intro, but sifts in once you listen to the track a couple times), though I like your samples from the last track a bit more, they just felt a bit crispier. What I do really enjoy is the creative layering in this track, it almost feels like you have two different kick and snare drums at once, and while you have the regular amen breakish like rhythms, you have another drumbeat going on inside creating a cool synergy. They flow especially well and dont get distracting despite how much is going on. Good work in the drums department once again.

Ambient FX are very nice. Like the droplet sounding synths, pads rock, progressions are creepy once again and sit well nice in the background.

Now heres where you get a point deducted...The distorted bass. While the line is nice, it needs more variation IMO, and while you might not being going exactly for the reese type of dealy, I think the sound itself is too basic (i've got problems with this too fo sho!), and could use a series of more interesting effects and modulations. Overall, it feels a bit full, so mess with filtering and maybe some EQ cuts some more. I'd definetly automate the cutoff frequencies and other controls that effect the texture to definetly give it a nice sound that adds a lot of interesting detail to the middle of the piece.

(Thats my only beef)

The transition was killer. Love that swelling effect that goes into the next section, good usage of filters and the mood change was executed nicely. The pad is lush and deep (I hear sytrus default strings + something else? I like the warm reverb). The little square blip synth was a nice addition to carry this section, and the screaming vocal transition back into the drums RULED!

I like the way you structured the song into the end, it does the job, I just think the bass needs more complexity :)

all in all, another kickass song. Keep up the awesome work man!

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

HAWTNESS! Another great review from S3C X3 True true. Cause drums are me specialty. I just go with what fits best in terms of rhythm and tempo XD I always have some new drumline to test out in new songs XD And surprisingly they really do fair well in most of my songs.

You are correct about the two kicks and snares. I had them both playing in alternation: snare, kick, snare, kick, etc. Just like that. Well, the second snare sounds more like a distorted kick, hence the kick lol. Yesh! Glad that the droplet effect worked out great, and the pads are like my second specialty XD Love the pads. I feel that a song is incomplete without em ;P

Ah... the bass. I really need to work on that. =/ True. I layered out 4 separate 3xOscs: two that were reese-like, one that was a crunchy sub, and the final was a regular sub bass. I should probably try out some cut off modding in future projects. I can't seem to get used to that though XD Well either way, I'll keep giving it my all. Filter, EQ Cuts, effects and modding.... okay. Got it. I'll try it out :D

Ooh. I knew you'd love the transition XD I like the second part more than the first. I happened to be feeling mellow at the time, so I just kinda went with it, you know? Inserted a pad there, and just kept going with it. Glad the mood change was great. =] I think I used Nexus for the pads... or sytrus.. no clue. I gotta look at the .flp again XD YESH! The best part has to be the screaming transition into the drums. Hahah XD Thank you, mate. Glad you enjoyed it XD


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4.56 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2009
7:10 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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