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I call this honor because it's a piece about someone who has found a cause worth fighting for.

Sorry some of the samples are not quite in tune with each other....I come across that a lot.


Hah, stumbled upon this.

Well, this piece is pretty calm and ambient, for the subject in the description.

The bells at the start were a good intro to step into the music and imagine, the sounds of the cannons (If I'm certain they are cannons) were easily helpful in imaging the tune in a scene.

No sound difficulties or big improvements needed, but I'd say it is good as it is. BUT, if you are planning on maybe remaking this piece, try adding more power to it, maybe a little more instruments and more things to make it a bit louder and more "dramatic" in a way. But if you're not, it isn't necessary that you do so.

Anyways, the things that has been shown to me through this is actually quite good : The soldier leaving the church seeing at the horizon, a battle has commenced. The sun shines brighter than any other day that the figure has seen. He spots a barrage of cannon fire raining down from the sky coming from the opposite direction. But he pushes forward. The view switches and goes through the battle, seeing the good side reigning victorious, raising their banner upward in the sky as the evil retreats back to their corner. The fighters raise their arms in celebration, only to see their fallen comrades lay cold on the battlefield and knowing there is much more to be done and that, there is yet another battle that is to come.



ANother beautiful piece. It simply amazes me as a composer to see such talent. Most people theese days only care for modern genres; i can see that you are in the same small group as me, those who love the classical side of the music spectrum.
Keep up the awesome classical works

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Jessismith responds:

Thanks buddy. I wish you would post some of your own stuff up here. I would love to hear your pieces, and add you to my favorite artists. :) And I agree entirely with you. There is hardly any appreciated for classical music these days....not even on here. But the few I have met here have the most amazing music. I will certainly keep it up. Also, I've been working on a remake of this piece. Should be finished shortly. Keep checking in, and keep it up composing! :D Thank you so much again.


I imagine a massive army of redcoats... They're marching row by row through a tall green narrow valley entrance... Towards a massive castle... Made of cake...

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Jessismith responds:

Mmmm cake. :D That's awesome. Thanks dude. :)

Your varied tastes amaze, me Jessismith------>

I can't get over just ALL the things you've made me feel tonight.
Here I am, alone, sitting here and listening to ALL of your submissions. So far, I have felt happiness, anger (with that break up song) alongside sadness, wonder, pride, silliness (Organic-Cucumber Hakuna Matata and your VA reel) and bravery as well. You have a real talent for writing pieces that convey alot of emotion. Seeing as how that is one trait ALL musicians dare to acquire, I think YOU have achieved it! Wah-Hooey! Thanks so much for always submitting things worthy of listening to as well. That shows respect for yourself AND us, the listener too. You rock, Lovey! Until I next stalk you. . .

...........Take care, be good and feel.period

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Jessismith responds:

Aww, thank you so much for the wonderfully deep insightful comment. I want to cry at all of your beautiful words. :) That brings me more emotion than music...kind words. Aww. I appreciate it. I always look forward to hearing from you. You're one of my new bestest friends after all. :) Thank you G.

Love my strings.

Doesn't sound like honor to me, it's a little too romantic and surreal to me. But that's jut me. Whatever it is I enjoy it.

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Jessismith responds:

Yeah, or the intro to some movie lol. xD Thanks buddy. Glad to see your take on it. :)

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