[F] Face off (lyrics)

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ayo the kid gets sick wit it you understand all the bullshit wit tha shit talk gets a n***a backed handed i can feel you lames muggin me you cant stand it when you see the girls huggin me well i got plans that will leave you n***az brain dead on some lyrical shit plus i know im makin sence in every thing that i spit man aint nothing you can tell me im hip to the game been here for too long so i recongnize you lames so i take my game face off you n***az didnt learn since that watch yo bak so i blew it off you got me fucked up the same no name n***az call em lames do things to get they fame up beef is for tha birds my n***a when you layin on yo face shells burn you gon learn my n***a when yu hear that cock bak get ghost my dude for i have them n***az wonderin why i had to blow yo fuckin face off

now lyricly i be a criminal reducin yall to minerals i neva dream about im killin n***az in general big guns i got it money yea i got it but seein me physically naw man i doubt it man you n***az must not know who i is like the juggernaut bitch takin no shit come strong wit the hands i keep one in da chamber just for somethin to shoot you pussy n***az gone subside my anger im no stranger to the danger stranger i been thru hell and bak a lesson learned i trust no kats and thats a fact cuz more then half yall n***az just be actin but i aint complainin yall tha main reason a n***a rappin and then you get to cryin when a n***a get to clappin but thats my favorite part cuz then a n***a got some action when im throwin them bow n brakein you hoes breakin n***az breakin noses fuckin wit kid you gots to go n***a watch these guns explode


Really good but.......

The quality hurts my ears lol.
Your flow and rhymes are very good but you definatley need a new mic.
Other than that good job mayne.

5/5 - 2.28 / 5.00 (+ 0.85)

Dre-17 responds:

yea yu rite. to be real, i didnt really wanna submit it but it is wut it is. i really need a good mic but its kinda hard to find round here... n e who, thx mac

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2.46 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2009
5:30 AM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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