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[February 17, 2009]
- Extended the intro.

This turned out well!

Started it back in July, I'm so happy I can finally call it "kinda finished"! Yea, I'll still add and fix things - I always do. But this is basically it! I was aiming for the song to have a sorta BOOM IN YOUR FACE intro. Then it goes into some "zone out trance"? Its supposed to be repetitive. Don't complain! Enjoy, and leave some comments/suggestions!


Solara... Move ------->

I loved this song back in its "baby" stage with your contribution to the "Light Aura Collab". I was anxiously waiting for the full version. The song is as great as I thought it would be, but I was disappointed. The first 42 seconds of this song (which was the loop you made for the collab I mentioned earlier I presume) had an outstanding lead in my opinion, however; I thought you would've used that for the "main course" not as a lead. It was sort of like a "passing storm". It hit hard, but died out toward the end. I hope you understand what I mean. Everything after that transition at 1:30 or 1:40 just lost its "boom". I liked the bassline, but you should've kept the same punch you gave at the beginning. Bassline = VERY IMPORTANT. As you know bass is responsible for filling up the room and setting the atmosphere. Without a good bassline your song won't be "great" in my opinion. You didn't use a horrible bassline though. The only thing I disliked was that it was sort of basic.

The song was great though. I loved it. It kind of sounded like you got bored or ran out of ideas later in the song. LOL Keep up the great work. I hope to hear more excellent work from you. :P

PS: As soon as I buy a program I'll start posting my music up too. Look out guys. I'm saving up for it. LOL

Later man... ... ... 5/5 ... 9/10
(My votes go to my liking of the song, and my stars go to breaking it down.)

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Jebbal responds:

Hahaha everyone who has been with the song since the aura collab edit has the same opinion! I know what you guys are saying though, I really do. I'm seriously considering going back and redoing everything after the 1:30 or 2:00 mark or whatever. I wanted very much to bring back the energy in the beginning towards the end, but I couldn't think of a way to transition back into that. Maybe I shouldn't have let it lose that punch at all in the first place? I don't know. I'm off working on other projects right now, but I'm thinking Solara is not finished. We'll see what happens.

Thanks for the review!

Ownage man

I loved this song. 5/5 10/10 dled.

Jebbal responds:

Kinda like how I love you? Yeah! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks for the review!


Ow, this song !$&@s with my ears. Makes my right sound like it went deaf.
Great song.
Makes me think about aliens for some reason.
Anyway, the only reason why I gave you a nine is cuz you almost made me go into a coma...

Jebbal responds:

Oh no! I never meant to make you go deaf! Or go into a coma! This is terrible! Oh geez!!!

Thanks for the review!

Hello there pumpkin tits.

Neato, just saw this up.

Well, the beginning is just sexy. Its got good pacing and its mastered very very well, so tip of the hat to you thur. However, the song kinda loses steam from there. The problem with starting it off so intense is that you gotta keep up that energy, and it seems like it loses it's drive shortly after that intro. The entire middle section, while it sounds great, just doesn't fit in with the first bit, as its got a completely different feel and pace to it. Almost sounds like you should have had :47 on to the end be a different song entirely, as the intro juxtaposes it so much.

It's weird, because overall the song sounds fantastic. Like really really good. Everything sounds clean and smooth and well mastered, but as a listener, I'm just expecting more than what :47 on delivers.

Still overall I really enjoyed this, the atmosphere is great, but I thought I'd throw in my beef with it. Damn good song

5/5, 9/10, and DL'ed.

Jebbal responds:

I'm liking these good reviews! Ya know, rather than the generic "WOW AMAZING COOL 5 AND 10 FOR YOU SIR". An honest 9 means more to me than an impulsive 10 from some people!

I spent loads of time trying to make this sound clear and masterful, so thanks for making a deal about that. :) Its not perfect, but its definitely the best job I've done! - When I first made the transition out of :47 I thought it sounded really awkward and just saved/closed the project expecting to go back to it later, wipe it clean and try something else. After listening to it several times, though, it started to sound okay. I remember SkyMarshall saying something like "When you spend a lot of time on a song, you start becoming deaf to what sounds good". I guess that's what happened. :P I still think it sounds alright, but its definitely not what you expect to hear on your first listen which will kinda throw you off. If you were hoping for the rest of the song to maintain that energy in the beginning, I can see why its somewhat disappointing.

Despite all that, I'm still proud of Solara! And I know you didn't mean for your review to seem completely negative, just focusing on the flaws. Which is good! Makes a useful review! Thanks for writing it!

You sexy man you!

Review...short one

Hi Jebbal,

I'm kinda short on time. This review may not be very good, but hope it still is useful.

Well you get right into the action. I like that idea. Some interesting phasing and panning combinations along with the fx drum pannings add some coolness to this song.

49 seconds in and you made a transition to something already. I like the diversity already. The ackward part was the fx at 1:!2 and some other sparse parts. I think a better fx is needed.

1:29 I was hoping you could come up with some interesting bass line. Somewhat standard bass, drums, and mellow sounding instruments is not a bad thing, but you dragged this part on for a while. Where did all those funky fx sounds go?

Pretty much till the end of the song, there doesn't seem to be a new climax. Lots of stuff to chill too, but I guess since your beginning was energetic, I was expecting a return to the energetic stuff at the end.

Overall, I think you put lots of effort in this song. Lots of revision for the better. I'll give you 5/5 vote and 9/10 review. Your score tells me that maybe this could be on the top list next week. GL with that. Bye for now

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Jebbal responds:

You must write some pretty huge reviews if this one's short! Its a good one though, you make good points. Actually, I had planned all along to put another part like the intro somewhere in there, but I couldn't figure out how to transition back into it. Everything I tried sounded awkward and didn't flow too well.

Those funky fx? I don't know! The rest of the song could probably use some more of those funky fx huh? Might give it more life. I still open the project file occasionally, I'll experiment a bit and see what I can come up with!

Hahaha I doubt this will make the top 30, it always drops down to like 4.37 sometime on tuesday. Keeping my fingers crossed though! It seems to do well when its near the top of the trance list! Thank you very much for your support and help throughout production, and thanks for the good scores!

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Jan 11, 2009
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