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[February 17, 2009]
- Extended the intro.

This turned out well!

Started it back in July, I'm so happy I can finally call it "kinda finished"! Yea, I'll still add and fix things - I always do. But this is basically it! I was aiming for the song to have a sorta BOOM IN YOUR FACE intro. Then it goes into some "zone out trance"? Its supposed to be repetitive. Don't complain! Enjoy, and leave some comments/suggestions!

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This is amazing. I just wish the intro lead made more appearances throughout the track.

I played this song at my Christmas Eve party as part of a mix, and pretty much everyone requested the name to this song (BTW, it is freaking awesome when combined with lasers, lighting effects, and some fog). Everyone was surprised when I told them the song was free to download from Newgrounds, since they thought this would have come from something from a professional studio or record label. Between the Newgrounds songs played there, yours stood out the most (aside from the Pokemon Dance Mix too).

Jebbal responds:

Awesome! Believe it or not, I've actually heard this song combined with lasers and fog! The local laser tag place in my town has Solara on their playlist during laser tag games. It's kinda cool :)

Thanks again for your kind words! Appreciated!

Wow! This is amazing!

This is honestly probably the best Trance song I've ever heard. The melody is great, and the beat is perfect. I listen to song pretty much every day.... and it never gets old. Thanks so much for making this song!

Jebbal responds:

Those are some wildly kind comments. You wild person, you! I am quite flattered that you find my sawng to be worthy of the title "best Trance song you've ever heard". What an honor!

Glad you liked it so much, and you are very welcome haha

Thanks for the review!

Beyond epic.

Not even flying bears with laser eyes are as epic as this song. If it were alive, it would shit pure epicness. Nothing can be better than this.

Jebbal responds:

Those are some bold words. I will be giving Solara an extra back rub and a good pep talk in preparation of living up to these expectations!

Thanks for the review!

1 word EPIC

I have major <3z 4 this song

Jebbal responds:

Glad you liked it! I see you've just created your account. Welcome to Newgrounds, my friend.

Thanks for the review!