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Fast paced piece, acompanied by a guitar, drums cut from Pitchshifter free samples on CD



messed up and tight

This is cool.

I'm a big Pitchshifter fan, so it was cool to find someone using the samples song from that CD. It'd be cool to hear more like this... like off the samples from Infotainment or PSI...

WizardSleeve responds:

Man if you liked this your gong to love a track i am going to upload tomorrow.. its one i did last year and can be found on other sites, its called EAT THIS and sounds alot better than this one (though no pitchshifter samples.. but its in the same style.. maybe a little more dnbish but yeah, you will love it.


sorry man, I really don't like writing bad reviews. But first of all. I wouldn't classify Pitchsifter as industral in the first place. Second, you using Pitchshifter samples, not your own. I think you have a good idea on making music, just try using your own stuff and I think you could do some good things. But overall, it didn't sound good.

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WizardSleeve responds:

I don't mind bad reviews but you sound like some one who doesn't know anything about making music.

First of all... The samples are drum samples I cut from their free samples, just like cutting up an amen break for a drum and bass/jungle tune, or something like that. Unless you expect me to play each hit on a drum kit and feed that into my computer. Most people just use the default sounds of their program, infact most use loops.. at least I did something origional

Pitchshifter are Industrial. Its a cross between electronic music and Metal, they are a slightly differant sort of industrial to say NIN but still industrial.


I think you should learn how to make music before making judgements like this one, but i accept that you didn't like the sound. Thank you


i like this, it gets a little repetitve, but the begining is nice and fresh keep it up.

I like it....

I remember that Pitchshifter CD with the free to use samples on it. My version got so scratched and fukd up that I ended up throwing it out. Bout time I heard some more experimental and individual style on this site, sick of that same ol Trance/Techno FruityLoops bullshit that people churn out. I like the chopped-up drums in this tune, definately my favourite bit. Nice stuff.

WizardSleeve responds:

Yeah badass CD. Was called www.pitchshifter.com, all the tracks were phat, its not often a band manages to do that, tho they do it often.. well not anymore.. they split up for good this time.. aparantly. Hehe I actually used Fruity loops to make this track hehe, and i also make some trance using it too but i like playing with differant styles, and its nice to see when people have been apreciating my work. I hope for more reviews soon.

BTW.. would you like me to upload a versian of the track without guitaring so you can here the beats i made witht he drums a lil better? Tho I think it would be classifide as "not quite drum and bass" hehe.

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Feb 17, 2005
6:04 PM EST
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