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Last Quest

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This is what I have to personally say is my best work yet. I am really relieved and satisfied with the outcome of this piece.
I really stressed on the harmony of this song, which is a really important ingredient in my music. If you are wondering on how to get harmony down
(for those who have trouble with it), there are some things you can do. Maybe later I will explain them more in depth. First, get the whole Do Mi So Do
concept in your head; Doh(low) is for Bass/Baritone, Mi is for tenor, So, is for Alto, and Doh(high) is for Soprano. Once you have a well rounded knowledge of that science,
harmony will be easier. Secondly, Join a choir that incorporates Bass/Baritone, Tenor, Alto, and Soprano parts. Even if you dont like singing it will still help you.
I can't sing but my love for music and praising God has me in the choir.

Laying down the basic concepts for this song took some time and thinking, but I used Anvil Studio to help get a quick
approach at various harmonies and experiment with them. (By the way, this song is 100% original, no premade loops/melodies.)
After getting all the needed concepts, I put it all together on Magix Music Maker 14.
So, to some this song may seem complex but in reality, it is basic.

In conclusion, please feel free to use this song in your animations/games, etc. It is very suitable. And last but definitely not least, review and rate this song along with my other songs.


Beautifull Song

very good. Magix Music Maker 14 i believe is alot better than roxio music studio. windows wise since apple has garage band.

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks! I've moved on to FL Studio since this song but Magix is a pretty good program

Pretty Good

I didn't like this quite as well as some of your other things that I have listened to. I do like the oboe though :), you really like oboes don't you :). Please understand that this is constructive criticism: I found this song to be sort of "unintersesting" after a while. I think this is a good general rough draft for a potentially amazing peice. I am seeing a build that leads up to a little climax where maybe the high voices drop out and the low voices play a rythmic little something with maybe a taiko ensemble. But that's just me. Pretty good work overall.

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DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thnx! I enjoy constructive criticism. I actually don't like it when someone does the whole 'Mom' approach and is afraid to be candid with their reviews; if things were like that, then how would we ever learn?
Yes, I love oboes, idk why everyone hates them (when I tell my friends who are clarinetists to pick up oboe, they reply with an "eeeewww.") If used properly, oboes are a very interesting instrument. RPGs use them a lot, so that's what gave me an influence.
Yes, this song was among my first songs using my DAW, and my first song focusing on harmony. So it's kind of a "practice." I'm not going to do anymore to this song, but I used what I learned from composing this song to compose other songs, like 'Almany.'
Thanks for the review!


There's a decided lack of this type of music on NG, so Kudos for putting it up here.

There's a lot that I like about it, but I think I'll stick to what, I think, could be improved:

1) No discernible melody or theme - I think you were stressing so much about the harmony on this that you maybe forgot that harmony's main purpose is to support melody. I think as it is right now it serves as nice musical "wallpaper", but don't expect anyone to be singing it to themselves later as they're shopping for groceries.

2) Nothing happens - There are no great changes in the orchestration to help bring variety to the sound. The strings are very prominent throughout. Try an extended section with just the woodwinds. There's maybe a little of this but not nearly enough to maintain my interest.

3) Harmonic Direction - The harmonies are very interesting. They don't really follow a traditional progression (which I think comes from you working more intuitively rather than by the book). But because of this there's no real direction: I've sat and listened to it about 5 times as I've been writing this now and I feel like I'm in a haze; I don't know at any one point if I'm hearing the beginning, middle or end of the piece. This will get better the more you write and the more you learn about theory (assuming you're reading up on it). But in all you're doing pretty good with just your intuition.

Ultimately that's the most important thing - intuition. Good, original music doesn't write itself. I think you've got it.

Good job. Keep it up!

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DJ-Chilvan responds:

Wow. God bless you highest for this review. This is the kind of review I love. Enough criticism both positive and negative. I will use this review to learn more in my future projects. I would love to review your own works but I am in a situation now in which it is impossible.


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Jan 10, 2009
9:46 AM EST
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