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Tetris Medley [Orchestral]

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Classical Revisitation this is a medely orchestration going through those famous melodies of the tetris generation inside a new movie like orchestral [Have i become a pro ? ;0] lol hope you guys like
the latest things ive tried new lately is
1.worked on layering of instruments and staccata + legato mixture between the 2 or so layers and more instruments overlapping in differnt note sectors...
and thats bout it.
results of this are in this orchestral.

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No offence but what the hell is that! it sounds like people just blowing instruments.

Oh no! Its a Rain of Colored Blocks!

Run for your lifes! hahaha
This one sounds pretty good. I fell down from my chair when i start hearing this(Ironical doesnt?) At the Beginning of the track the melody sounds like if the Tetris pieces start falling from the sky.
Continue doing awesome musical pieces!

BowserThedestructive responds:

Lol thanks yes this one was good but i can do so much more now its not funny :P lol
but yes this was done at my best abilities and knowledge at the time My level now is so much Bigger ^.^


This is grat
first ít doesn't sounds like tetris,
then it take all the tetris spirit, and then not again...
but wathever always it sound weel
Is this your new program?
well... good job

BowserThedestructive responds:

no same old FL studio but 2009 influencitic mastering :) i am getting better so to say :D at mostly at the orchestral remakes that i do..

Well by all means

I can't really classify this as being professional, from a theoretical standpoint your lacking in overall orchestration and voice against voice contrapuntal motion. you have certain voices doing things that wouldn't really be necessarily strong for the role that it plays within a full orchestra environment...
don't get me wrong its a wonderful arrangement and by all means provides that buzz that you get from hearing one of your favorite pieces.

you have to make sure than when you state a certain chord that you follow through with that chord by making sure that you add all chord members when needed and nothing more. like in the lower voices of the piece you are emphasizing and completely different chord with a single note and it creates this awkward dissonance that makes me feel rather uncomfortable. when you have an instrument solo you have to make sure that no other instruments are interfering with its direction (i.e poor melodic support , improper harmonization, and vocal conversation between the solo and the backup instrument)

honestly i would say that this would make a stronger case if it were of a different genre. but thats only because certain parts reflect pure orchestral scoring and most other times not so much.

i apologize if i seem harsh or abrasive, I just cannot send your way with a pat on the back. haha! i just noticed that you were concerned about being professional. with that information i have to provide something that way you can get to your goal of being pro (i'm not saying that my way is the only way or the best cause its not by all means) i just wanted to plant a little seed of contemplation and you have my full support as a veiwer. Great work ^_^

what program did you use to get that sound quality?

BowserThedestructive responds:

good old FL studio 8 see when i make these i output to full 32-bit float wav tracks then i resync the exact lengthed files which contain each set of instruments [layered] n stuff inside sony vegas 8 and then output that out to the mp3 You hear
and of course theres mastering which i work on i do a global "master" channel reverb relating to what i want be it glaceverb and garritans ambience this is made up of mostly Garritans personal orchestra instruments though at times i use hypersonic 2 and thats what i meant by being a pro mostly :) i am able to make the sound quality very good although motionally i cant really do it like a 20 year old proffesionaly orchestrator being what i do is simple i still think it sounds pretty good :)


... you just nearly ruined a perfectly good russian song. Either way, I give it a 5/5-10/10, because at 1:06 I finally hear it! 2:06, I hear another one. What? But, still... Also, you misspelled melody, or medley. Plus, if you tried to misspell medley, you should know that it means: "unedited piece of audio-media in a game used later in another game for either easter egg, trick, reference, or other purposes."

BowserThedestructive responds:

well then that is exactly what it is and by medley i meant it hasa combination of relative tunes one after another. hmm ill ssee what you hear at 2:06 and correct the title :) and by un-edited well this was edited and made from new instruments rather then what it was before just has all my other orchestrals of VG songs...
but most medleys are unedited piece of audio media in a game used later in another game some are made by differnt artists them combined together note "
"midi" data of songs some people work to copy and fuse =medley which to my define means its a combination of differnt melodies from the same area or genre combined together "repeated myself">.zzz.<<<" ^_^

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Jan 9, 2009
8:43 PM EST
Video Game
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