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Douglas T Cat

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Author Comments

A song me and my sister made while we were bored one monday. She sing it, and as you can probably tell, it's made in GarageBand.

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Douggie dookie dookie. Ilike song


OK Paddy

Good.... but too repetitive.

Tott responds:

Still give me a ten then. O?O

2019 Edit:

Stand up comedy is one artistic medium that involves a lot of variation over performances of the same material, so good comedians will use that aspect of the performance to inform the "composition" of the material. There is an initial period in which the routine is drafted, stage one of composition, and then as it is toured bits change, which is the second stage. The material changes not just in that the comedian learns how best to deliver it, but also in that new thematic elements may appear.

"The idea of Carpet Remnant World, as initially imagined in Summer 2011, was this. Intending to write a serious show about idealised notions of society [...], the comedian Stewart Lee was too busy, with touring and childcare, to complete it. And so the audience must make do with hints of the big idea, interrupted by tales of travel and children's TV. Eventually, about fifty shows into the piece's two hundred performances, a more interesting story emerged."

Who thinks of food as art? I don't mean of cooking as an artform, but of the food itself as art. It seems to me that quite a lot of food if it were to be reviewed on a website wouldn't be subject to the same kind of rules as the ones imposed on music. I just ate a really nice dahl. Very simple, chunky, dark yellow (#98915D) and without coriander. Just a simple mix of lentils, turmeric, cumin, garlic and chilli powder. I would never consider criticising it because "it doesn't go anywhere", or didn't change much as time elapsed. It did go somewhere - it went into my mouth, and as I ate it the gradual creep of the chilli buildup made it taste slightly different as I went on munching anyway, despite the mixture itself being the same throughout. I expect you know where I'm going with this, and I despair. In my intellectual cowardice I once again fail to address the central fallacy of the criticism.

In so many words I can explain why the repetition is mitigated. Without smoke and mirrors, it is because each instance of a loop that exists in the piece of art is identical to its neighbour only when one considers the loops as somehow separate from our sensing of them. The chemical content of the dahl is static, and yet it appears to change because even infidelity in our senses renders totally impossible static experience. Even, I say, because perhaps even a complete model of reality taken completely and continuously, without latency between instances, might even still not produce static experience. The truth of this is not only irrelevant, worse, it is indirectly dishonest in its obfuscation of the true mistake in the criticism. Variation is taken a priori to be good in art, and perhaps it is in life as well. Perhaps this is due to the impossibility of stasis. Since no sensing agent could ever achieve stasis, it is an ugly and unnatural blight on the on the world in which we live. We are a secular age that has abandoned transcendence, in the name of abandoning redundancy, and the true tragedy is that it is impossible to even know if this is good or not. Aesthetics wallows in filth, as we deliberate on the appropriate height of lintels or the appropriate length of tailcoats we are no better than worms.


That stuff's cool, y'know. Maybe I will vote Dougie in the next election...jeez man. What did you put in those vibes? Ice?

Tott responds:

Thanks for the completely useless review. ;)

EDIT, 7th of may.


very funny.

very funny. i assume dougie is a cat then. and your english, LOL. you can tell. p.s. the person shouting "DOUGLAS" is annoying. very loud and sounds like hes from jamaica lol. i liked the tuba sound. but other than that, it was the same song all the way through. not really my cup of tea. thanks though.

Tott responds:

It is indeed the same song all the way through. I wonder what it would even mean for that to be untrue!

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4.68 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2009
2:41 PM EST
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1.6 MB
1 min 47 sec

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