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Not much changed on this remastering, but enough to make it better. :D
(thanks to all the reviewers on the old submission, you made this song better)

Ok, this is a little recording I made on one of my voyages working on a container ship. An especially FUCKED UP and long voyage (4 months). Lots of anger, lots of doubts, quite simple song.
Enjoy! Here are the lyrics:

I can't remember the day I arrived.
I just remember I was full of fear.
All was new, the people were strange.
All turned old, the people turned away.
What the hell was I thinking
What happened to all my dreams
I need to find someone to blame
To ease my mental pain

How long have I stayed here
How long til I disappear
How long have I stared at the sea
How long till I am free

Too Long. (x4)

You can't imagine how hard I tried
To stay sober - it worked for a while
To endure this reality
You have to drink, to keep your sanity
Everyday is always the same;
Wake up, work and fall asleep
My hands ache and are full of scars
I can hardly play my guitar


Too Long. (x4)

Is there a way to escape from hell? (x3)
Is there a way to escape from this hell hole?
To escape from this hell hole



Nice one!

I think it's awesome! I wanna hear your story! What do you do for work on the ship? What's it like, basically living on a ship? I guess a lot of it is described in the song, but I can see how it would get depressing and repetitive.

Also, think you could upload a version of the song with no vocals? Not that there's anything wrong with them, they kick arse, just would cater better to all us flash artists out there looking for some awesome music to fit into an action part of an animation.

I'll check your reply. :)

CWN responds:

Anyone who wants an instrumental version just has to send me a PM... Ill have one up in no time :-D
I'm a shipmechanic for a large german shipping company. I work on those HUGE ships, (300 metres +). The shipmechanic is an allrounder... I have lots to do in the nautical area (Steering the ship on maneuvers, driving the winches while berthing, working with the atlas lines etc. etc.) but also have a lot to do in the engine room...
We have 12 cylinder engines with around 100 000 horsepower. Its BIG. THe engine room is always hot, lots of oil and grease and i work around 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sometimes during the night, if I'm on deckwatch or engine room watch...
Its a great job, i see a lot, but sometimes you just get a bad crew, or there's some big asshole amongst them... and the whole voyage is ruined. That's what this song is about :)

This reminds me of Slipknot

No bad though, i prefer heavier shit like Cannibal Corpse and stuff like that but that wasn't too bad, keep it up.

CWN responds:

Not my 'hardest' song, but a catchy one.


yeah, i remember the old version. and it kicked ass. so naturally this kicks bigger ass, haha. really like your vocals man, you got a pretty wide variety. but if i'm gonna be constructive you should keep practicing on your cleans. sound good, but could be greater. awesome tune - keep rocking \m/

CWN responds:

yeah the cleans are a little weak here, but I improved a lot already. Check out my newer shit!


I don't know what everyone is complaing about, the vocals were great, and so was this song! keep up the good work!

CWN responds:

Thank you. People always look for something to bitch about.


i love your back ground gutter vocals, very well done, drums are tight too :). keep up the good work guys!

CWN responds:

What do you mean guys?
I recorded this by myself...

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