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Not much changed on this remastering, but enough to make it better. :D
(thanks to all the reviewers on the old submission, you made this song better)

Ok, this is a little recording I made on one of my voyages working on a container ship. An especially FUCKED UP and long voyage (4 months). Lots of anger, lots of doubts, quite simple song.
Enjoy! Here are the lyrics:

I can't remember the day I arrived.
I just remember I was full of fear.
All was new, the people were strange.
All turned old, the people turned away.
What the hell was I thinking
What happened to all my dreams
I need to find someone to blame
To ease my mental pain

How long have I stayed here
How long til I disappear
How long have I stared at the sea
How long till I am free

Too Long. (x4)

You can't imagine how hard I tried
To stay sober - it worked for a while
To endure this reality
You have to drink, to keep your sanity
Everyday is always the same;
Wake up, work and fall asleep
My hands ache and are full of scars
I can hardly play my guitar


Too Long. (x4)

Is there a way to escape from hell? (x3)
Is there a way to escape from this hell hole?
To escape from this hell hole




The guy below me obviously has no idea about metal lol Anything lower than Drop D should be death metal? lol ever heard pantera - walk? Thats a whole tone and a quarter lower dumb ass and before people start saying no it's not it's tabbed in drop D that's not the correct way of playing it. Watch any live videos and you will see.

Anywho as for the song pretty good! Nice and chunky, your growl is pretty good and overall nice rhythm. Can't pick any major faults, just doesn't grab me like "omg goosebumps" kinda feeling. Overall pretty good dude. keep it up.


CWN responds:

Yeah, not my best submission, was more of a therapy session for myself than a great song.
Thanks for commenting the guy below. Wtf.. Even Korn plays on A, and they don't even make... real metal haha

I love metal.

But not this so much... the guitar sounds like it's tuned way too low for the style of metal you're playing... but i personally think it should be nothing lower than D unless it's death metal, which this is not... and the vocals didn't really flow right with me until 2:26. The drum and bass was alright though. Good effort. \m/

CWN responds:

My guitars are tuned to drop A or B, and my guitars stay that way.
There are death metal bands that play in standard tuning. I don't think you really love metal, otherwise you would do your homework.

Oh yeah, new version!

That's so sweet to see you finally managed to remaster all your songs, that must have been long and tiring as fuck ...

Well, since I already reviewed this song, I will only tell you what I think you improved. In my review I said that the toms sounded very weak and not really like toms lol, but I can easily notice the improvement here, it sounds more full and realistic although I still think it can be improved ;). I don't remember if there was a bass line in the original track, but I've heard more bass in that final version.

Great stuff overall, thanks for submitting :D. Also is your bass a shitty Stagg lmao. 5'd.

CWN responds:

I've been waiting for your comments!
Yes, the remastering took... a while. A long while.
The toms sucked on the first one, because i configured something wrong in Sup 2.0, plus the tom lines just... sucked hah.
Yeah, the new ones can be improved, but fuck it!
Tried to bring out the crispness of the bass a little! Glad it worked.
Thanks for the review :D

Oh, and my bass is even worse.


Im 5'ing all your shit



CWN responds:

lol thanks :D


I still love the shit out of this bitch.
Dirty bastard.

Current Score

4.14 / 5.00 (+ 0.21)

CWN responds:

It's a sweet song, but for some reason I don't think it's my best work. Season's Changing, in my opinion is the most epic song i've made so far... Meh, you'll see once I upload the new version. The vocals really come out better there.
(P.S. at the last TOO LONG scream i recorded i had to edit around a bit at the end, because just as I screamed it, the chiefmate came in and asked me wtf is going on haha)

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4.11 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2009
9:54 AM EST
Heavy Metal
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