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Author Comments

Typical Trance tune


hey everyone

this songs awsome giv it a 10 !!!!!!!!
this might look kewl over a porn
yayyy this fun to hear


I liked the bass at the beginning, that was nicee
and i like slowly introducing sounds like u did.

however like the other guy stated, the synths could have more definition, there could be better synths.

what works great for an evil effect, or jus a hard effect is sim synth (i think)

you did pretty good tho, ONCE THE PADS KICKED IN IT WAS 10X better.

keep working with that.

you should tke the melody and everything, and replace all the synths with new sounds lol
then call it a remix, add sum new shit, and submit it.

My aim is SiSiMeN313
and my msn is demonslayer326@hotmail.com

if you want to collab, drop me a message.

WizardSleeve responds:

Yeah I have actually been planning on replacing the synths.. I do like the saw synth as it is.. mb a bit more delay.. but the main one comes in a made by layers 4 differant 3xosc channels and fucking around with them till i got the sound i sorta wanted. I should replace that with a better synth i make on something else. Theres just more satisfaction making a noise in the 3xosc than anything else tho.

I've addad ya biznitch, prepare to be harassed ;oP j/k


Ok this is a well made song but let me point out some problem for you to get better in the future =)

-Get better syths, the ones you have...are bleh
-Try and change up the beat dont loop one thing over and over with minor changes
-Try and be a little more original, make your music stick out
-Try working with some more fx, adding alot more Delay would have helped this song

Still much better than the usual that runs through the NG Audio Portal, nice

WizardSleeve responds:

Thanks for the response...

I do have better VST synths, but i made all of these ones myself from scratch in the 3xOsc, i feel prouder doing it that way than using presets, and one day i hope to make stuff that sounds better than vst presets.

Well most of my stuff is more orgional but as stated this is a "typical trance tune"

As for the delay, ur def right, especcially on that first saw that comes in.

Thank you for the review, very helpful :)

nice bassline!

The song starts very nice with that lovely bassline. The first synth you used doesn't do anything for me, but it's a good warm up. Nice use of filters at 1:30, nice little 'hands in the air' moment. :-)

From that moment it sounds pretty good. Again you can hear it's made with fruityloops sounds & presets. But you made a good track with it. I like this one better than the last one. Keep it up!

WizardSleeve responds:

that first synth, It doesn't do anything for me either, simple lil high pitched thing.. but a friend said i should leave it in because the tune sounded better with it in.

As for fruity loops presets, i find it funny that people think i use alot of presets just because they know I use FL and they say it about everything. The Instruments(kick snare hate) on this are Fruityloops instruments, and for such a simple trance tune i didn't see the point in altering their sound much.

FL 5 is out, 24bit sound baby, can finally put my soundcard to use.. I know Cubase and that were already 24bit, I did some work in them but i actually find FL alot more freeform.

Thinking about it... you know any good place to get some Trance and Drum and Bass style instruments, I know u can make any sound go anywhere with envilopes but it would be nice to have some processed drums for easy use, especially if its a simple bit of trance like this that doesn't take too much thinking.. its not like I am creating a psy trance piece.

Man thats another annoying thing about NG, can't upload any sy cos psy is at least 7 mins, well not that there is a minimum time for it, its just on average at least 7 mins long


I'm not a big trance fan, but this is smooth work. Well duh, you have a music job :P. Oh well, this needed reviewin cos it was looking lonely.

WizardSleeve responds:

Haha cheers for the response man!

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Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2005
9:36 PM EST
File Info
3.7 MB
3 min 1 sec

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