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MH16: Flutes

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This is a bit different from my usual music.
I got inspired by Zero123. He makes awesome songs :P
I hope you like it :-)

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sounds like life

the 3 ( i think it's 3 *~*) different rhythms going on top of each other in occasional harmony reminded me of life and how that happens to some people and just the pattern. am i being philosophical? :D i think it's perfect and the high flute isn't too loud, just sounds like the lead flute. also not too jumbled for me. i enjoy picking the different parts out and then hearing them together is beautiful. it's got lilts and pauses at good places and perfectly spaced. master piece. (those flutes have GORGEOUS tones!!! i'v never heard tones from flutes that amazing!) you're awesome.

FairSquare responds:

Thanks for all your reviews! :-)


just calm and nearly perfect...what does it need more............ you managed to great such a melody I am sure you could create alternative combining rhythms to put here....

FairSquare responds:

alternative combining rhythms?
Erm, maybe i can :P
Thanks for the review!


You have really nice melodies, and I am in awe of the whole piece. Reverbing is excellent, and the flutes sound amazing.
The tragedy is that is sounds too busy. What I think this piece needs is some breaks! Sometimes the top notes don't flow with the mid/lower notes. =o

I think the only thing that needs work is balance. Balance creates a flowier rhythm for all the notes to shine at their right moment. Otherwise, it sounds like a jumble of notes. I think you could do better with the top melody-->it sounds nearly as if you merely pulled the perfect harmonizing notes and scattered them across the bass and mid notes in a messy way.
Because I absolutely love the beginning. At some parts like :34, though, it kinda goes from distinct to indistinct when it comes to the melody.....I don't know quite how to describe it.
Either the tempo needs slowing down, or remove a few notes to calm it down just a tad. The very bass parts are perfect, though, and they come in at their own time, as you put it, ok no wait. The very top flute is a bit loud. It doesn't seem to lower in volume much through the entire piece.
Argh, I don't want to sound like a stupid hoe. So forgive me if I do. D:
I love 1:47 as well as :20 when the top flute comes in. Try changing up the rhythm a bit so it doesn't get stale too fast, which would be horrible since the flutes have such a fresh feeling to them, especially in the intro when everything is new (kinda like this review..saying so many words to get a single point across >.<) And the overuse of the note 'A'..too many of those chords. Unless it's because this is my 10th time listening to the song and I tend to overanalyze after a while.. and ah I really love :40 and at about 1 minute. ^^

Overall, rhythm could use a little adjustment, the high flute could lower a bit, and this kinda makes me think of little kids in the forest, exploring..something to do with medieval stuff...or basically refreshing stuff. :P
I hope this was helpful! =o

FairSquare responds:

Thanks for this critical, but helpful review.
Seriously, when you write a long review like this there are always some things that are helpful :P


:D thanks *blush*

woah. this is real good stuff
i want those flutes!! they are really nice

1:12 is my fav. with the little tril.
This sounds perfect for some mountain village
woah this is relaxing
thankyou for giving the world such beautiful music!


FairSquare responds:

Haha, thanks!
I tried to change the instrument to Piano and it sounds even better :P
I really apreciate this review :-)


Aaahh so refreshing...

You definitely have a nac for classical kinds of music. But try not to limit yourself to only one genre of music. It helps to be versatile. there is a great ambient mix between all these winds that I am hearing. Great job I can't really pick up anything that needs changing, but maybe there should be more? great job any way. Keep it coming.


FairSquare responds:

Ok. I won't limit myself to only genre of music, but i think this is my main genre. I'm still going to make a lot of different songs too :-)
Thanks for the review!

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Jan 4, 2009
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