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I was made for lovin' you

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Some months ago my band (Galliard http://www.myspace.com/th egalliard ), together with guest vocalist Lonely Jove were called to take part in a Kiss cover album for Kiss Army. The resulting double album was "Greektures of the Night". We chose to do our own take on 1979's Dynasty album's "I was made for lovin' you".

Apart from the brainstorming sessions and the recordings, which took about three days, the production itself took another week, while the tweaking process lasted for yet another one, right before the deadline. Which means that I CAN indeed be punctual!

Hope you like it... Please rate and if you're not too bored, do write a review as well to tell me what you think of it.

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only came across this as i seen your review on someone else's music talking about doin porduction and post prod on their stuff if they wanted so i thought you must be quite good at it if your offering to do it

and i must say the sound didnt disappoint at all. This is an absolutely brilliant cover of an extremely catchy kiss song very well done and also has a much more jazzy twang to it than the original

overall its very good and high quality sound

5/5 10/10

GlueR responds:

The long nights are always worth it! But the production has to done in the morning! If I has a few more mornings and clear ears, I'm sure it would have been even better. But the thing is that you always hear stuff you know you could have corrected some time after delivering, but that's life... "Mea culpa", and let's move to the next one. Another day, another sausage...

Thanks for the review and the kind words! Always appreciated!


This cover is absolutely brilliant. Considering how faithful to the original it sounds, granted that you're not going to have vocals like Paul Stanley, but you made it sound brilliant nonetheless.

I think that you've taken the time that is needed to make a great take of a good Kiss Song. If it had been recorded in a studio like they used for the original one, it would have sounded even better and closer to the real thing, no doubt at all.

Are you going to do any more Kiss, or will you be putting some of your own pieces up next?

[Review Request Club]

GlueR responds:

Why thank you! This was actually a one off thing. I'm sure, though, that if another chance like this album pops up, we 'll be up to it.

For the next four months, I'll be deep into working for my band's first official studio album. We've agreed on a contract with the label and we'll be signing it next week. Hopefully, the album will be in stores in October.

Pretty sweet cover.

This cover definitely has a different style than the original song. That said, this is actually a really good cover. Im no music expert or anything but if there was something you could have done differently in the song, it would be to make it simpler, meaning a little less music/other noises in the background.

Still, its a great cover that deserves nothing less than a 5/5.

GlueR responds:

Well, thank you!!! I do tend to do big instrumentations, so no surprises there... Other than that, I'm really glad you liked this one, as it did take a lot of effort to be made! Cheers!

Two reviews in one-

I felt that this was an OK version of an OK song. It is not a song I know at all. Its not specially the kind of music I would buy, but I don't mind listening to it.

I have Samara17 with me too and she had rather more to say:

She felt that the male voice sounded a little strained compared to the female voice and that it would have been better if the female had taken the lead. The music was not specially to her taste , rather a repetative sound, but with an enjoyable chorus.

GlueR responds:

Erm... Are you sure you reviewed the right song? There are no female vocals here... And a repetitive sound? I am 99% sure you're not talking about the right song. Did you mean to write this for Mezoni Trizoni? Do PM me if this is the case and if you also write a review for this one, I'll post it in this response...

Wow,..its a mix of like 5 different rock styles

.....but for some reason the first thing that comes to mind is the newer The Cult albums. But it stays totally original. Thanks for the invite to listen,..and love the solo's 60 percent in. 5/5 10/10 all the way man.

GlueR responds:

The Cult? Really? To be honest, apart from some older songs of theirs, I haven't heard anything from them for quite some years now. You've just roused my curiosity. And you're right. It is a mix of many rock styles. Each member of the band has different influences and tastes. And everyone has a say in the songs. The band's style is that exact mix. I'm happy you liked this! Cheers!

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Jan 1, 2009
10:28 PM EST
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