Melody of the Wind

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Most likely the best ambient song I've done to date (finished or failed projects). Fits the wind alot. Note: This song is best heard with headphones to give you the full experience. Oh yeah, it is perfectly volumed (I think)!

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Great Song

The opening part was good, the timing also seems to be very good too, it doesn't introduce things at a bad time and it's very easy to keep up with it. I found that I could tell when something was about to come up, some songs like this leave me waiting for something to come, but not this one.

I would say it's a good ambient song too but I'm not sure it describes the win personally, when I think of wind, I think of something gentle, this is more like a hurricane, there are parts around the middle where you can immagin the sound of rain hitting the floor and the violant force of wind into a building. But maybe that's just me interpriting it that way, otherwaise very good though.

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Calming and spacey

I like the way that this sounds with the impression it gives of travelling without moving. There is possibly a little indication of some sort of forest or jungle themes creeping in here, but you need to work on the 'punctuation note', where it seems as if there is a little too loud of a sound, as it gives ever so slight amounts of static feedback at the top of the note.

There is certainly a very nice and calm presence in this track, that is carried by the beat consisting of the high-hat cymbals, which is a really nice sound, coupled with the drums that aren't overdone, which would be very easy to do.

Certainly worth perhaps adding some sort of a solo with the drums, but other than that, it's a very nice piece.

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Very nice and soft

the start you kind of just have a spacey feel and then you get that feel you're somewhere familiar but you have never been there and you just feel odd and weirded out by it the whole time you're there in that unreasonable memory of a place, you set down the book and explore the place....

Synth: Sounds very spacey.

Drums: Sounds quite simple and I like it.

Overall: Pretty cool piece you have here.

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The song starts off really slow, but it slowly progresses from there, until the drums set in.

I think the drums are a bit too much in the background (or maybe I should've followed your advise to listen to this song with headphones. But I don't have any right now. :( ).

But on the other hand the quiet drums create a very relaxing atmosphere. In the intro the "wind" feels very cold, like in winter or early spring. But when the drums set in the atmosphere changes to a much warmer one. Now it's not a chilly wind but a cool summer breeze, that helps to cool down a bit from a long and hot day.

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I especially like around 1:15 where the drums come in; the song only gets better from there! The climax at around 2:55 or so was one of those "mmm...oh...oh hell yes...BOOYAH!" moments (not a double entendre lol -- it's a music thing!).

So, uh, ya, good job and stuff.

It's not a double entendre! I swear!

lol 5/5

Ryukenjin responds:

This was probably one of the best songs that I did percussion wise. Drums aren't my strong point, but this seems to get it right. The climax kinda makes me picture someone standing on a mountain , looks out, and closing their eyes while tilting their head to the sky to soak in the atmosphere and the feeling of being on top of the world with the wind blowing. When you can come up with your own scenerios for a song it can really highten the experience you get from listening to it. Thanks for the review!

Matt B (Ryukenjin)

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Jan 1, 2009
2:03 PM EST
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