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Some of you wished a full song of the loop, so I made one.

I hope you like it :-)

Heres the loop: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/199305

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Great Song!

Ignore the dude below me, your song is awesome =D
Perhaps i could of used some more bass, then again it might just be my cruddy speakers =S
Anyways great work, keep it up mate!

Sonomabob responds:

thx! i am always tryin' to give my best :-)

Dude...Give credit...

This song is North Core Project - Go 4 Core. You got to give them credit if your gonna use their melody..I know you stated you got the melody from a video tutorial in your loop one but you didnt even give him credit(name him?)...You were watching Sonix1241's tutorial so give him and North Core Project some credit....totally ripped this off of them.

http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=x0-SWf5eLpk <--North Core Project - Go 4 Core (Remove space) The melody starts around 2:07 in that video..

Sonomabob responds:

wow, how poor to rate one point...

on the loop I said I made it according to a tutorial, so I don't see any bad point.

show at least some respect towards the work of the people.

Its nice, good stuff.

Well, i loved the loop. And when i finally noticed that the full song is out. I just had to review it. So heres my Review:

First of all, GREAT melody. It really sticks out, and gets stuck in your head.... Which is a very good thing haha. But, really... the only problem that i had with this song is that it is... a little repeative. So what you could do is maybe alter the lead melody a little? Perhaps add a key change in there? (If you know how to do that). The snare was really nice, although it could of been a little louder, I really like to hear a good sounding snare in a song, especially if its a trance/dance song. The break down at around 1:10 ish was a decent breakdown. It could still use some work. But its good, its good. I'm not saying it sucked, it just it could of been... a bit more epic if you know what i mean. Oh and the kick could definitly be a little stronger (unless my headphones are really weak) But i really couldnt hear it. What you could do is in the mixer, add a bass boost and a compresser. That should really make your kick stand out. Your intro was very nice, i really liked that alot, that sweeping noise really adds excitment to the song. Maybe add more snares into the song just to give it that "exciting" feeling. You know? But yeah, other than all that i said... This is a really good song, i LOVE that melody its great! The bass line was nice and solid, so thats good. But yeah, maybe just add a few more melodies into this song, and maybe another hamonizing melody behind the lead. Then it should sound really epic. Well thats all i could really think about, I dont really know what else to say. Great stuff right here, im glad you made a full song out of the loop. Keep up the good work man. AND of course i gave you a 10/10 and a 5/5. This song deserves it. Well thats all, maybe review my song? if you can thanks, if you cant its alright. Yeah thats all i gotta say.. I hope you like my long juicy review :D

- Dj Clayface

Sonomabob responds:

first of all: wow, what a review ;-)
- kick is there, even if you cant hear it. perhaps my headset goes deeper than yours. but i didnt want to have a too strong kick.
- more snares? well i am quite bad when it comes to drums...

i am still quite unexperienced, making music now for not a complete year yet
but nevertheless i try to make my best :-)

Wow, just what I shoud do

Nice work!
I have reviewed your loop, and started remixing immediatley.
Well, I added strings in the couplettes... and when I heard "your strings", I went like.. WOW.

The strings just should be in that song... its their destiny.
Nice!! (remix will be done in a few days)


i love that melody.......it just sticks in my mind....
nice filters and stuff too, hehe.....

happy new year man

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Jan 1, 2009
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