Under the Influence

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Give it at least a minute - down tempo tinny skritzy beats with trippy slo-mo ambience


maybe too normal a sense of 'progression'.

I really love your music. They all loop perfectly and I find that when I play them through Winamp, it becomes a sad affair to turn them off.

I always make sure to listen to any piece I'm considering for an in-game loop for at least half an hour - if I don't enjoy it for that long, I consider it too short-lived to accompany a game.

When listening to your pieces though, time stretches and snaps... and I lose track of time.

Enough of the general compliments, down to specifics. Relatively speaking.

The sorta reversed cymbal noise you have going on reminds me of some big dark room full of gas pipes and some of the later noise samples sound (to me) like gas escaping from those pipes.

It could be a dark, sinister place - and it is initially. But the piano - well measured and each note well chosen - lifts the mood slightly, giving it all a dreamlike quality.

My one complaint is that the whole thing is more like a normal 'piece of music' than your usual affairs and so - whilst we can still enjoy it as an endless loop - it becomes more 'obvious' that it has a start/end and where those are. Both because of the slight silence with the bouncy notes bringing us in/out at the start/end and also because of the introduction of the extra instruments, after which they continue, until just before the end.

I hope you understand what I mean. In some other pieces, you have extra layers coming, leaving, so there's no one place where the tune is 'denser', just places where it's 'different'. This actually feels like it has a normal sense of 'building' and 'progression'.

The sorta reverse-echoey effect you have with the piano sounds great and really softens it all up.

In conclusion - yet another masterpiece from you, but maybe too normal a sense of 'progression'.

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LJCoffee responds:

Let me say that I really enjoy your reviews - they are very clear, you're not afraid to point out problem areas and you're not afraid to assign reasonable scores.

Your opinions are stated with a great deal of tact and I really appreciate honesty more than anything else.

More than just about anything else, our time is worth a great deal - I very much appreciate the time that you've spent listening to and reviewing the music that I've posted here.

Thanks again and I'll catch up with you at some other point.


the crispy percussion sounds great. and the growling bass is juicey.

i wasnt so keen on the piano&chord section it moved into. it seemed to lose its attitude a bit. the production as with alot of other tracks of yours is v good. The industrial feel of the beginning i really liked.

LJCoffee responds:

A few peeps didn't seem to care for the piano bits... that's why it was remixed.

We're getting into older tracks here that were made on slightly older equipment - anything from this time is difficult really - a lot of it was mastered through cans and so it loses something when played back on externals.

Not as good as the new one

It's not as good as the updated one but it is still god non the less. I think that it seemed to have a faster pace then the newer one but i still prefer the new one over this one. good job anyway

LJCoffee responds:

Well then thank you - but not as much as for the updated version!

Good shit.

personally, i love the piano.
i think it fits nicely.
without it it feels like the song
has no face, metaphorically
speaking, like its a shell
full of ambient sound effects.
the piano is just the right touch. XD
but yeah, good stuff.


LJCoffee responds:

That's cool man. This was the piece that eventually turned into "Still under the influence" - if you listen back to back I'm sure you'll hear the similarities. I think the prob with the piano was that it was so quantized... Maybe if I jittered things up a little - shifted a note or two by a 64th triplet here and there it would have felt a little more natural. (i know I can't personally play a piano to that sort of accuracy!)

I appreciate the review - I've been meaning to check to see if you had any new stuff... I'll go take a look in a bit.


Downloading :)

It is a nice track, but i'm with the others, the piano is not quite right. The melody is good, its the actual sound. Maybe another patch(still not sure what one is) , or alternatively cut the volume and play with the equaliser. Some of the accents are too strong, relatively, and it spoils the flow. Everything else is sweet :)

LJCoffee responds:

Go listen to the remix :)

Yeah - I read the reviews and pretty much agreed - Sometimes we have to hear another opinion to put things into perspective or to make us realize what we probably already know but refuse to admit... I sort of knew that the piano was a little umm. - flat maybe but I went with it anyway thinking that it might be just me...

Anyway the remix is the same but completely different...


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Feb 11, 2005
2:09 AM EST
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