Frequency Overload

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thank god i can finally submit shit!!!
later everyone

in case anyone is wondering i was inspired by DJ-Taka's song V, and DJ-Amuro(or Amura)'s song A, AA, and AAA



lol wtf is with the crackling????

yeah the song is cool and stuff.

Oh another super piano, i love that. :D:D

SessileNomad responds:

that crackling is a synth that is EQ'ed to emit LOTS of highs and high-mids, but the synth is playing the lowest note possible on fruity loops, its actually not even audiable unless you EQ it like that, its just too low to hear

its supposed to sound like an old time radio or somthing, although most ppl tell me that it sounds like fireworks

that flippin' piano...

I really think the piano should be far more dynamically varied, especially when it does that fast pedal point melody from 1m03s onwards. It becomes a really ugly wall of sound in that section.

It also sounds like you added a compressor to the piano after the reverb. Do not want! In fact, I would never compress a piano at all unless I was after a really grimey, old radio sound or something.

If you used cheesier, old school analogue drum sounds I would accept this as new wave.

SessileNomad responds:

lol look at my comments i put it in new wave simply because i didnt know where to put it, but since i wish not to get more shyte about it, im changing this to dnb

um, i did not compress the piano...sooooo...

alot of your lingo isnt makin sense to me, but i will try to decifer as best i can

peace and thx for honest review

Only problem is the bass.

The offkey bass is really messing with my head on this one. But I'll tell you what, it really makes the song sound eerie as hell man. I don't think you utilized the bass to it's full potential on this one, and it gave you both the potential to make a haunting piece and a very beautiful piece.

Some tips for the bassline though, you could have switched that synth bass for a staccato string or staccato tuba.

Nice piano solo around the middle. Insane man.

Oh and really nice and let me stress ORIGINAL melody for the piano.

All around though, very entertaining. Keep it up. One more song I plan to check out.

SessileNomad responds:

yeah i didnt go onbeat with the bass here, but im making a song right now quite similar to this that is onbeat, its just that the onbeat was clashing really weird in this one

i dont have any good horn vst's so i dont use horns ever really

lol i hardly call that a solo, but i guess im just picky

thx for review man

Respect and all that

Brilliant! loved the piano sounded really fresh and original, you are obviously very talented.
The piano in the middle was excellent, really made me sit up and appreciate the work and thought gone into this tune. keep it up

SessileNomad responds:

thanks man, you you should check out the next song im making because the solo is much more interesting and attention grabbing

peace thx for review

just like the other one

i am amazed with the piano solo in the middle.

and i like the crackle noise at the end and beginning of the song.

SessileNomad responds:

lol i wow i logged in at just eh right time, i am literally hitting refresh just cuz i know your looking at my songs like every 2 mintues, that didnt really make sense.....im responding to my reviews in real-time

eh that piano solo is hardly a solo in my opinion, i think solos should be hard, and with 3 fingers anyone could do that riff

thanks for the review though, oh man of armor that shines...

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4.27 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2008
1:14 AM EST
Drum N Bass
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