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~K4P~ 07 - Spirit Rain

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this is the first project i feel i can be proud of
its a project i used to learn how to use automations...
then i kept continuing on it and get this as a result
i especially like the change of the second half
hope you like it too

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So i was told by some people that one of my songs have this exact melody in it. I never heard this song till just now and i was wondering if you made the melody or did you get it from some sample pack? Really good use of the automation tool :). Not sure if u are even going to read this >.<

Musical-Memoirs responds:

i read and respond everything, no matter what people say :P
and the melody is not originally mine :( i did alter it a bit but thats all i did on the melody
in the beginning of my music making it was way too hard to make fully original songs so i had to base them on something... this one is from a midi pack (probebly the same you had i guess), it had 10 or 15 different melodies without a name (deleted them already since i wont use them anymore), they were only numbered
if you know the origin of this melody then please tell me
i really hate it already that i had to remix something (only its way to nice and popular to delete it), but i hate it more that i cant even give some credits to the original maker!!!
(even though i cant delete or edit this entry anymore because newgrounds deleted those functions quite some time ago because of its popularity)
but at least (from the stuff i havent deleted already) project 18 till my newest works everything is fully original without any influence of others (at least not on purpose if they still look like someone elses songs)

btw your version sounds nice too, it sounds more professional too, mine really sounds amateurish on some points (logical since i was and even now i still am in my opinion)
the only thing which makes mine original is the things i did in the second half of the song and the effects over time i gave it with the automation tool
and yours sounds nice the whole time while its way longer, every try i did to make a longer back then failed hard :P

hope you know the original (and then i mean really the first fully original one) but i guess not since your review sounds like you would even believed me a little if i said i did create it :P

I like it.

I like it but it totally reminds me of one of B0unc3's songs and many covers that followed.

Musical-Memoirs responds:

i have listened to a few songs (3 or 4 at the most) from bounce, but that was after i created this song... so nothing is based on any of his songs
i just simply liked the style of song it slowly formed to (every part was just an experiment which ended up great)
so its pure luck that it ended up at the same style as his songs (luckily your not one of those guys who votes a 0 because they immediately think its stealing, so thanks for giving it a 9)

My Reveiws let me show you dem

:D This is awesome to me. I hope you come up with something ten times better, peace.

Musical-Memoirs responds:

i do plan to make better songs, too bad its easier said then done XD
but there will be great projects in the future you can listen from me, its only a matter of time

Woow !

Ver good ! It's your first project ??? Well, you have a great talent, dude !

Musical-Memoirs responds:

no not my first project, its the first im proud of
the very first project (created and finished the same day i started) is "Raising Motivation"
but still... some people call the first successful project their first (while leaving all other unfinished projects unmentioned) in thats perspective you could see it as my first project
you might have given me slightly more points because you though it would be my first, but with an 8 i would be happy already so i dont care

Still sounds like Flames of the Sky,

but it is more original and busy now. Slow Tempo for a dance song, but not too low. Similar to Spiritual Virus, just more busy and loud and exciting. Overall, nice song.


Musical-Memoirs responds:

Spiritual Virus is a mix of my 2 populair songs
i changed the ending of this one and dancing virus so that it endlessly changes from dancing virus to this one and back again in the mix called spiritual virus
wanted the mix louder too... but the dancing virus synth makes bad noise at high volume so had to lower this to DV volume in my mix

so if you increase the volume... you will see that spiritual virus (from 3:25) is exectly the same (exept for the ending)

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4.72 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2008
7:08 PM EST
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