Running From The Devil

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My failed comical chase theme. Did it specifically for my movie I'll never finish.


Not bad.

I think if it was for a car chase it would have to be slightly faster and maybe add a few more instruments. It sounds like quite a good theme to someone trying to escape from a massive jungle or something. Nice work.

kitty meow, kitty meow

well well well... i guess you don't respond to your e-mail, so i figured i'd try this... i'll be in town this weekend, we should fight or something... i'll wait until then to ask you questions or update you concerning both our recent life moments... i've got some goooood ones, so i expect to hear atleast something from you... make up something if need be... - shane

TVs-Slayer responds:

What e-mails? Well, lets just say the past 2 weeks have been interesting and eventful. Though you probably won't be bothered to read this, i'm basically talking to myself. W00T W00T yeehaw.

its good

it just sounds weird. The drums sound weird, and the song goes in too many directions. I don't know what this would go with, but I still liked it.

TVs-Slayer responds:

Yep, yes it does, but like i had said, for specific scene only. So why I submitted it here is the question i should be asking myself, but ah whatever.

Good potential

It's already been said, maybe a bit too choppy from the bits and all. However there is good material on here. I think if you would go and expand it, it would be great. Anyway one more thing, the drums are too much out, i personally would like it if the other instruments had more volume to them, but again just my personal opinion.

TVs-Slayer responds:

Whats to be said. Another strictly for a scene track. I've got a bad habit of doing that. Well, at least some people like it.

Not bad........

...Sounds like you've glued a lot of samples together that dont quite fit. It has a certain charm to it in places, and some nice touches but overall it sounds messy and lacks any direction. The main drum loop that runs throughout would sound better dry, without the effect. I like the sliced sound that comes in towards the end of the trk, but it's a case of too little to late for me i'm afraid. I think u need to choose your samples more carefully, instead of using things that happen to be at the same bpm. Sorry if u think i'm being a little harsh, but i'm just tryin to give some friendly advice:)

TVs-Slayer responds:

Yeah, I actually agree with most of what you said. The song got hacked into three different pieces for the chase scene, and its supposed to go all over the place without any real purpose. This is just the long version. Thats my excuse anyway. This really isn't very good as a stand alone song, but thought I'd throw it out here for public consumption and ridicule. Thanks for the review and better than I hoped for score.

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Feb 6, 2005
8:12 AM EST
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