Through Adversity of Night

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This piece is a collaboration between myself and BlazingDragon for the current MAC8 audio contest on the forums. Our aim was to create a song which conveyed a sense of resolve and determination; in this case specifically, the will to survive. This song is one of war, hope...and resolve.

*Edit* Re-uploaded at a higher bit-rate

[Note from BlazingDragon]

It has literally been months since I have written a song. With school and life being as hectic as it is, I have not had the time to do what I love. With Winter Break being here, I have been graced with the opportunity to finally co-compose a song with my best friend and neighbor, Tamadrum. So, here is fruit of our labor. After several hours today and multiple Mountain Dews (>:-D), we have completed this song. It was made soley with free software; a demo of FL Studio 8, free soundfonts, and a lot of freetime on our hands. >.> Enjoy the song!

[A brief plot synopsis]

A young man, his nation at war, has fled to neighboring country in hopes of starting life anew. In the midst of night while sleeping, an air-strike befalls the countryside and he is forced to flee. In the distance, he sees the enemy front lines approaching as bombs reign downward. With nowhere to go, he frenziedly runs to a nearby church for shelter.

Sitting in the church, he huddles in a corner as the city around him is decimated. Houses collapse, buildings crumble, and innocent men lay dead in the streets. With the very foundations of his sanctuary shaking, the young man reflects upon his impending doom. Explosions thunder in the distance and the ground beneath his feet rocks violently. Flashes of intense light burst through the shattered windows and pillars come crashing down around him.

In this dire state, he determines that he WILL survive. With a new resolve, he dashes out of the now burning building and runs. Without knowing where he is heading or how he will get there, the young man simply strives forward. With the world around him ablaze, he keeps moving, determined to escape with his life.

Only Through Struggle, Have I found rest.


Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays everyone!



I simply love the tone of this song. You and BlazingDragon deserve massive credit for pulling off a beautiful song like this. Sincerely, I thank you.

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Tamadrum responds:

Thanks so much man... I'll pass that on to blaze. :)

absolutely beautiful

once again you and blaze have pulled it off 10/10 5/5 well done!!!

this piece also reminds me of war. but not the type of war between nations.. instead the war within ourselves. each blast is something you say to yourself to bring yourself down. each beat of the drum is a negative event pileing up within your own mind. but all the while people sing of your great deeds. seomtiems your life may be frantic and you may not know exactly where your going but if you strive with all your might mind and strength. you can achieve the impossible. this song is absolutely beautiful. and thus far, every time tam and blaze have come together i have LOVED the outcome. each and every time i reflect upon myself, and/or i see something within my mind to wright. They are truly masters of their artform. if only they would get the recognition they deserv for their skills.

there is a war within all of us. and i personally agree with the last line from tamadrum "only through stuggle, may we find rest" those words are ring true to my very core. well done both of you. may you both acomplish your dreams

Tamadrum responds:

Thanks for such a good review ty. The war within yourself type thing is what we were going for while writing this... You may not know where you're going half the time where you're going to sleep, but the remaining will to survive type thing.

Thank you for all your continued support. :)

This song is amazing.

You and blazing dragon did an impeccable job! I'd love to hear more from you two.

P.S. If you see blazing dragon recently... let him know I sent him a message, if you would.

Tamadrum responds:

Sure Thing I'll tell him... He's been real busy lately, he hasn't had much time to keep up with everything. Thanks for the review!

Great song!

The song truly describes what you said.
Keep up the great work!

Tamadrum responds:

Thanks Catnip! We tried really hard to get the story to fit exactly what was going on in the song... It took forever! lol. Thanks again...

I love it.

I sounds like just the kind of thing that Danman87 would write! There's only one word to describe this, and I'm going to use an overly used word: epic.

Tamadrum responds:

Wow... If Danman wrote this song, I assure you it would be 2000% more epic. He is someone I hold in VERY high esteem. I'm not sure If i'm worthy of it that comparison, so thank you Kilderstret, you've made my day.

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