This World (Retribution Beat)

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This World by Burly and DeX

Produced by: Druids-warcry/F-777 (Collab)
Mixed and Mastered by: InGenius - http://ingenius.newground s.com/
Lyrics: Burly and DeX

What's good?, it's been a WHILE since we've put a track up so for those that listen to us, here is our second release on NG. Shout out to my boy InGenius who mixed and mastered this track for us so thanks a lot again (I know I've said that mad times but we really do appreciate it.)

UPDATE!: Wow, #18 on the all time top scoring list. Me and Burly are really flattered and I'm glad that we have a track on the front, I hope everyone enjoys this song but don't forget to check our other tracks on my page :)


-DeX's Verse -

I struggle to keep
these dreams alive
from the inside only to see
that demons coincide
my life based on words of my father it bothers me
to see his reflection in the water
I'll never faulter
from words composed of envy and jealousy
my rhapsodies proposed to tame my malicy
it's plain to see this generation
the inspiration
raised from my mind
it resonates within my motivation

-Burly's Verse-

Clutching my pen
dreams held tight I take the stand
life throws me down can?t focus in
Can?t find the strength to get up again
lost grip the pen slips out of my hand
back to the same old job for rent
Gotta pay the bills no time to vent
No use in trying can?t rewind events
Mindset repeats this nonsense
Traps it inside in my conscience
childhood dreams die ominous
I?m losing faith that god exists
Making the same mistakes my father did
Wasting this gift and it?s hard to take
Got too much shit stacked on my plate
Is it worth it all I contemplate

-Burly and Dex Duo Verse-

A manifestation of pure
contemplation on occasions
forced to relive
dauntin' situations
metaphorical abrasions is what
I'm haunted by
it's equivalent to fear
when nightmares and dreams collide
my entity is where it resides always confidin'
in reality
the creed that poisons humanity
I bleed my will to succeed
to strengthen my resiliency
those beliefs are at peace
for as long as I breathe

no more playing now it?s time to grow
I hit the books and put down the drough
Packed up my dreams and I hit the road
gears got jammed in career mode
Loved ones lost and my tears flowed
You in a casket reminds me how fast it goes
The past is flashing when I drop the Rose
Losing passion I die slow
My face in palms with eyes closed
I know it?s the path I chose
Wouldn?t take it back for all the gold
Gotta keep going toe to toe
I reap what I sew to reach my goals
to plead with death to leave my soul
To keep my breath to teach my own


Holy Hell

Not big on rap or hip hop but damn this piece makes its meaning and purpose clear and it speaks right into the ears of the soul. Second and final verses really did it for me. Much respect and don't ever stop.

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HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

Thank you, we're glad that we could reach that deeply with our lyrics. I promise that we'll never stop doing what we do, stay up.

i'm loving this!

not my usual sorta thing but this is really good! keep up the good work!!!

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HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

We're glad that you enjoyed our song despite it not being your taste. Stay up.


I am NOT a fan of rap at all but wow I forced myself to listen to it and I'm glad I did! This is amazing!!!

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HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

Thank you for giving this track a chance and for the review. Stay up.

Diamond in the absolute rough.

There's the usual thing where hip-hop/rap musicians just make some random kick drum here, random tune there, then talk about smoking joints and the hood.

Then there's this. Holy God, this track blew my mind. Very well done, I love the strong lyrical content in this song, along with the well done instrumentals. Are you guys gonna make an album?

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HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

Again, we're flattered by these wonderful reviews. The lyrical content is only there to support the message, using metaphors and slightly sophisticated vocabulary in order to demonstrate the complexity of life itself. Our lives are only a small part to a much bigger world which is why we named it, "This World." Thank you very much for dropping a review and taking the time to do so, stay up.

As for the album, we're definitely thinking about it but that's in the far future since right now we're at a time where our lives are constantly changing so we want to kind of balance our life right now and maybe start working together on an album. I can't promise anything but it's a consideration.


i really like the song, The lyrics are strong, it make this song pure! with feeling everybody got inside ! very good guys

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HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

Thanks a lot for the kind words man. We put a lot of our personal life into this track although leaving it somewhat vague since we can only do so much with a 3 minute track. Still, we appreciate the support. Stay up.

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Dec 22, 2008
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