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Here's my submission to the December MAC08.
I made it in Reason.


Ambient House

This piece is beyond a single genre to describe it. The ambience of this track has given us a large scope for using it as something that you would find on a great many things like menus or even certain driving games - it's got that lovely rhythm to it that can uplift drivers who are making their ways to or from work.

I think that you've come up with a lovely track and perhaps a little more variation would be the icing on the cake - just throw in a lovely guitar solo, with maybe just a thump of the beat in the background, then blend the rest back in.

[Review Request Club]

Skela responds:

always cars with you :P
Thanks for the review.

Not bad.

It was a strange piece, the instrument sounded like guitar strings but it seemed unnatural of that. It had a good beat and pace to it. I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards -

Skela responds:

Thanks for the review.


I actually started listening to this tune with the same intent as tkrow21 below, and INSTEAD-----

(of turning on the hate machine and open up subjects like: how you should / ur wrists, burn in hell, die, burn some more, seize shaming our glorious motherland with inbred commenting....)

-----you impressed me! This was a really, really sweet tune, even more so because I didnt expect it, not by a long shot. You obviously have some talent in the genre, keep this up and you will at least have 1 (more) account with your artist name on the fav list. And lastly, STÅ PÅ! harrharr XD

Skela responds:

Takk for the review. ;)


I saw your review on Envy's work, calling it garbage. While you were right that it is repetitive, it's not really trash. Anyway, I wanted to see what your music was like, since you obviously felt like you were in the place to judge other successful artists (on Newgrounds of course), and at first I thought you were some arrogant bastard who didn't even make music, but then I saw a whole list of songs on your page. Damn, I was surprised. I was even more surprised to hear that your music was very, very well done. I feel very obligated to leave you a review.

The introduction really had me expecting something else, and it was a real refreshment to hear the more recognizable electro come in right after that. Well, still on the introduction, it was really pleasing to listen to; relaxing. I also like the way it slowly introduces the actual song, instead of changing over without a transition of sorts.

Onto the main part of the song, I would like to comment on how you fused the intro melody with the new melody. I really like the deep bass that you threw in there too. It really is beautiful. The song length is also a positive, it's long, at least in comparison to other stuff on the portal. Another thing to note is that prominent bass usually annoys the hell out of me because of how obnoxious it sounds, but no, not in this case. It was done perfectly.

Overall, the song is a bit repetitive, but it's still enjoyable. There was no climax, but I feel that one would kill the song.

Great release, 5/5. P.S. TF2 is a fun-as-hell game.

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Skela responds:

Very big thanks for the review!

Not bad

Nice song, overall with some potential in my opinion. It has potential but you still need to work on the production, especially on the EQs. First the guitar in the intro used too much high frequencies and it hurt my ears a bit :P. Also the kick was too loud and over compressed and flooded the other instruments. Other than that, the melody was nice and the chord progression decent. Another thing, in the intro the guitars sounded very weird, as you increased the tempo of a sample, it caused some pitch imperfections, do you get what I mean? Well done, overall.

~ Review Request Club ~

Skela responds:

I guess we all have different taste.
The guitars pitch sounds fine to me, and the kick is suppose to overdub the song.
Thanks for the review.

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Dec 22, 2008
8:33 PM EST
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