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Yo everybody! This is my first solo submission here on NG.

I wanted to see how deep I could make a song while still using primitive words for rhyming. It's basically an intro into my life, I thought that'd be the best kind of song for starters.

Special thanks to smurf for the sick azz beat! Thanks man.

Enjoy! (feedback is much appreciated)


We each have our own experiences
Our own obstacles, our own hardships
These are the moments that define who we are
But I can't tell you how to live your life
All I can do is show you mine

Hard to write rhymes when your mind's stressed out
Only can think about the times missed out
Motivation can't find when you're in doubt
Want to be strong but you don't know how
Too much change, it'll never be the same
Too much strain, try get by, keep my chin high till I die
Let me Simplify for you to see through these eyes
Life is a poem that you don't want to write
The kind where you cry, but the tears been dried
you feel this pain, then you know what it's like
alone as a child he climbs from the underside
Didn't want to get high, even though he did
cuz the life that he lived
just a kid going through your typical shit
you know how it is
parents have fights, then they gotta split up
and love alcohol when their head gets stuck
living by the check, can't pay the rent now
no food left, living at a friend's house
reflect on this past and it might seem sad
But I'd give anything to get it all back
Never could I realize what I really had
Till my dad said goodbye life lost in a crash
I love you pa, throw my love to the sky
love you mom, though you haven't been right
Often I wonder if you're still alive
I try to ask god, but there's no reply
It hurts inside, I can't sleep at night
I wonder when I'll find that peace of mind
The walls seem like they're closing in
Will I see this fight through to the end
My head I keep as I search for the signs
In the heart that I reach as I write these lines
not trying to act hard, not trying to preach
I just wanna be myself again
So I threw way the weed and picked up the pen
true to my youth for a dream I pursue
I know I'm not alone, so I sing for you
I'm gonna stay strong even though I'm not
I've gotta live long, even though I wanna stop

Despite what life throws at you
you just gotta get through that shit
And still smile you know
I got your back if you got mine


This song motivates me to keep fighting and not give up. I suffer from anxiety and depression(not as much now) and life can really be hard for me at times. But, if I keep going the distance, I will make it to the end. Thank you for this song.


Kewl song. it sounds for some reason like slim shady.

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this is legendary!

This is so hot an inspirational keep it up!!!!!!!

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def epic win, Great vocals and lyrics. I actually felt the story and its very powerful. Hope to see more of this great quality...

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Burly responds:

Lol, I would have been fine with just plain win, but epic win is even better. :P

Wonderful song!

It's not often you hear a full-fledged song on Newgrounds like this with all the lyrics and everything, but let me say it turned out to be great! Going through hardships in our lives is something like we can all associate with and even if you weren't inspired personally to write this song you really have to get points for addressing such an important topic like that.

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Burly responds:

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the song. It's an old track now, but pulled 100% from my life and my heart.

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