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We Got The--_--goa Remix

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So out of boredom, I went to the Beastie Boys site, downloaded a random accapella, and made a goa remix of it. It's short, so give it a little listen. Keep it easy;


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Don't even like the Beastie Boys and i can dig it.

Make MOAR?


I like it. :)

Hee hee, ha ha, ho ho! Oh man.

Interesting stuff.

Space the final frontier my ass. We haven't figured out how to keep a guy who can't tie his own shoes from becoming your boss, how to fix the pollution we've released nor how they get the peanut butter in the Reese's pieces cups. Fuck space.

I kid ofcourse. Space is awesome.

And on that point, I turn to you yet again sir Zenon. Interesting thing you did here. You jumped headfirst into experimentation. Bravo.

There's one trait that I've noticed for you about your compositions and evolution as an artist. You're fantastic at what you do, but you seem to lay in a relatively cookie cutter approach after a good bunch of songs. This is not necessarily a bad thing, I am the same with my writing at times (I have 4 unfinished books, the furthest one sitting at 37 pages, and I dread to think what others would think of it right now).

You move ahead and advance, learn to tame FL in another manner yet again, and your compositional skills raise as well as your ability to express and articulate your musical mind's reverberations. But there is something funny that I read, which you wrote, which caught my eye in one of your song's author comments.

I do not quote you, but it had something to do with some douche that kept complaining that you do not compose 'real' GOA. You mentioned how 'real' GOA is long, repetitive and simple and what makes it seem really 'trippy' is the weird effects in the background.

Alright. Let's take a step back.

Aye, a good chunk of goa/trance/dance and about 95% of what is played in Clubs (especially mainstream clubs) is simple and a monkey could compose while smoking a cigar.

However, do not misunderstand- as important as it is to have melody in a song, you should not exclude an ambient presence. A good portion of your songs have it, but some do not. Technoraptorical, with many awkward sounds inbetween maintained one. It was neither too strong nor too significant, but it was there. razorsharp noose did as well, despite how dull the song in itself was (and even then, turned out better than what most club heads could make).

You had a perfect amount of ambiance and melody in your Oversea remix (Sigh, Dj-I, ye scallywag) and Infablue. It was marvellous. It all played off each other quite well.

Here's a perfect example, and this is not to compare or have you misunderstand... I do not wish for you to think I am belittling or anything to that effect.

Koriigahn's Coley is a perfect example. Excellent track. INCREDIBLY simple beat, so it would seem, yes? But it had such gargantuan amounts of ambiance that the listener could do no more than surrender to it and hear it out. The sounds meshed incredibly well together and played off each other like a game of tennis played by garment-less pornstars (to the reader: That's right, you get to pick the gender, *gasp*, ladies- I am not a pig!.... Just a whore. There's a difference).

Dabble more. Experiment. Tweak. Fuck around with that EQ till you can turn a chipmunk sneeze into something that would make Chuck Norris shit a cinder block out of fear. Etc etc.

Writing is not that different. I haven't gotten back to those books. It's been about 5 years. I'm still learning, experimenting and all that jazz.

Kudos, cheers and much luck to you sir.

Oh! Right!.... This track:
-Interesting idea, most definitely
-Sounds played off each other quite well at most parts
-Beastie Boys.... Word.


PERVOK responds:

Looking back on this, this was the most helpful review I've received in a long time. Even though I'm just replying now, (may 5th 2013) I've read this review over and over quite a few times. I really do thank you for the helpful advice, even if though sometimes it's right in front of you, under your nose... and you just don't notice it. I hope ya see this response :)

Hey your supporter miitrox is here.

I voted 5 on this song to raise it up.
I like how you matched the tempo of the beats with the lyrics.

Its produced very well.
I realized you used the same artist that cornandbeans did with intergalactic.
except your's a goa trance and its well done.

overall good job...MAN.
your new girl looks sexy i bet you be tapping that pussy hard...(:P) or nice n'slow and romantic...(XD)

well overall awesome job!

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Dec 21, 2008
2:14 PM EST
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