Aenkles of the Dead (Part 1-4)

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The Story:

(Part 1: Death)

As a man of great deed, Aenkles is poorly received within his community. He is incorruptable and always has a smile on his face, offering to help at all chances. The people of the town despise his cheery disposition. While he seems incapable of misery, the normal townspeople suffer the daily pains of life and living.

In a town meeting, held behind Aenkles' back, it is decided that, to break him down, they must kill his family and then him. From there, the gods will sort him out.

One night while strolling his fields, his home is attacked by the townspeople, being razed to the ground, his family still inside. Amidst his screams and pleads for mercy, the crowd offers none but one: his own death in the form of a knife to the back.

(Part 2: The Descent)

Upon awakening, Aenkles discovers that he is on a cloud made of blood. He looks to the sky, cursing the town for it's deeds and the gods for allowing such a thing to take place.

The gods hear his cries and, in response, explain that in order to be deemed worthy of exacting his revenge, he must first face a perilous journey to the bowels of the Underworld. They warn him of the task at hand, saying that he will be asked to murder his own son in the end to prove he is ready to handle the grizzly deed of slaughtering the townspeople.

Aenkles, in blind rage, accepts the challenge placed before him and is thusly cast into the underworld where his first task awaits.

(Part 3: The Hands)

As he looks around the underworld he sees a few familiar faces: friends and family that have since moved on. One man in particular, a childhood friend, is drowning in a pool of blood; punishment for sins he had committed in life.

Aenkles, seeing this, dashes forward to help his friend from the pool. Upon arrival however, his friend leaps up and knocks him to the ground.

"I must pay for what I have done," he explains, sobbing tears of blood. "But you must assure that you can do what must be done."

"What must I do?" Aenkles asks, tears forming in his own eyes.

"Dip your hands in this pool. In doing so, you will lose the ability to shake or hold hands, and thusly the ability to save your victims from the fires that shall consume them."

Aenkles, in tears, rises and carefully walks to the pool. He looks away and dips his hands in, a burning sensation running up his arms and throughout his body. He screams in pain for but a moment before he falls silent. He pulls his hands from the pool and notices they are completely numb.

"You will only be able to grip that which has no life," his friend explains, "And thusly, you will be able to strike down your enemies, but not aid your friends."

Aenkles nods, stands, and leaves for the next test.

(Part 4: The Heart)

Aenkles finds himself approaching a makeshift version of his home. From within, he hears weeping.

It is his wife.

He bursts through the doors and approaches her, only to be stopped several feet away.

"You cannot approach me..." she says, sobs interrupting speech, "Only your heart may remain." Aenkles, in disbelief, asks, "What of my heart? What is it's value?"

Her sobs stop long enough to allow her to explain.

"Your task with me is to remove your heart..." she begins, "...and thus, your ability to love and feel compassion. In doing this, you will be able to deliver the merciless destruction that is necessary."

Aenkles shakes his head and replies, "And what of you?"

"You and I cannot rejoin until you have completed your quest. Should you fail, we can never be together. I will be forced to live an eternity with that which I fear most: an existence alone, separated from all that I once knew."

Aenkles, once again feeling tears form in his eyes spies a knife on the floor at his feet. He takes it and forces it into his chest, slowly and painfully carving out his heart. Upon doing so, he hands it and the knife to his now sobbing wife. Despite her cries he feels no sorrow or compassion; only rage.


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good sounds

sounds good but now i want the rest of the damn story

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