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Dec 19, 2008 | 7:12 PM EST
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Rated 3.91 / 5 stars
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Electronic - Industrial

Author Comments

In effect this was somewhat of a new take on an old project. After having my computer completely die, I salvaged what I could then built a new machine while at the same time upgrading most of my software (hell, why not? What's an extra few hundred bucks when you already built a new computer...)
So with this one I essentially did everything I couldn't do a couple months back when I was actually able to stay active on here. Unless you've been sneaking up on my myspace page you probably never heard the original, but hell, it might be better that way.

No lyrics, but there's a message in there. Believe me, as usual, you're neither gonna figure it out nor am I gonna say a damn thing about it. It's more fun that way, plus it covers my ass.

Thanks for listening NG. Should be more material like this showing up before the end of the year.




Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great song, it sounds like pink floyd. But without wordz. Like it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Slow build to epicness

I like this it has a neat groove to it, the use of organic sounds brings this piece to life in my opinion. Like hte sanre roll around the 2:40 mark. The sceeches are at a nice level but at contrast to the overall tone and sound. Theres nothing bad to say about this.

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DonaldFletcher responds:

Thanks dude. Those screeches were actually designed to exist in a different reality from the rest of the track, as if to be phasing in and out from a higher dimension. Or something like that. Haha. Glad it gave the right impression. Built that sound with Cygnus in case you're wondering.

I put more into drums here than any track I've ever done before - which is funny, because through the entire track I think the drums only exist for about a minute and forty seconds. The part you're talking about was inspired by Jimmy Chamberlin - one of the best drummers of all time.

As far as being organic, I think I can finally say I've got the equipment to breathe that kind of life into my audio. So you can look forward to more stuff like this in the future. That'll probably the hallmark of my style from this point onward. Thanks for reviewing man!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


interesting composition. intro sounds like it was recorded with a microphone in a different room to all the instruments.

1m12s-ish: i like the dueling guitars and filtering herein. the piece consistently builds interest from this point. little voicey synths and dischordant organs remind me a lot of kwwrr.

sounds like the kickdrum is slightly off center. it starts panning a lot in the outro... very odd but it makes for an interesting listen since it's not painful like hard panned low frequencies can be...

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DonaldFletcher responds:

Thanks for the great review. The original version of this had a rougher kick (a 909 drum sample if I remember correctly) that I kept more in the center. For this runthrough I managed to get a better, cleaner one going, so I was able to leave it at least a little off center to help balance out the bass guitar and piano as well as the other drums, plus do its own thing when appropriate. I was actually a little iffy on that, so I ran an EQ over it just in case anyone had the bass up too high on their headphones!

I'm glad you noticed what I was doing with that intro - I pulled an old trick out of my ass for that one. That process actually runs through the whole song but it sounds best there due to the soloed guitar and otherwise minimal instruments. That guitar got the most attention in this regard. I wanted to give the listener the impression that they were standing in a room with the live instruments playing on a stage in front, with the processed sounds coming from speakers sitting 90 degrees to either side. Lots of work, but I think it paid off.

And I'm really happy you liked the 1:12 part. That was probably the most fun to write out of everything in this track. I'm looking for an excuse to do that again. Maybe two tracks from now!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Weird! But in a good way!

Originality! That's the key! Hopping it doesn't sound like an insult, this sort of reminds me of what any musician can learn from Bjork... What impresses me most is that you've even managed to use some rather mediocre samples to your benefit! There are no bad sounds if you know how to use them to create the feel you want!

What you do need, though, is some post production. At least some amount of mastering. I felt it needed just some more radio friendliness...

Overall, great job! I agree with ChampIDC. This one's your best yet!

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DonaldFletcher responds:

Thanks for the review. No insult taken!

Yeah, I started noticing some minor issues with the samples after I got a better set of headphones- about a week after I uploaded it. The vocals and the percussion were taken from a handful of Sony sample libraries. I'm particular about my drums so I might have pushed the samples a little too far here and there, and thinking back I'd have ordered the processes on the opening snare differently.

All the VSTi's are highly customized. I think the main problem with them was that the original was done in Acid Music Studio and I finished it in off Acid Pro, so some of the VST's needed readjusting due to my higher available sample rate.

I'm still working on my mastering skill. I picked up Sound Forge and that did a much better job downsampling than Acid itself. Also as of now I'm controlling the master volume with a handmade volume envelop;. I can't seem to find a compressor or other process that really seems to do the job for me by itself. And I'm still trying to train my ear to get the equalization correct for broadcast quality- glad someone actually commented on that! At least I can say this was way better than my previous work in those regards. And depending on what speakers/headphones I'm using (my new set particularly), I hear clicks and light static here and there, especially around the bass. I'm not sure what's causing that, but one of these days I'll have to find a way to fix it.

I'm just glad I stayed away from loops on this one. The originality factor would largely have been lost if I fell back on that.

Thanks for the killer review. I hope this response was appropriately long enough, haha


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best Yet

Yeah, this is definitely your best piece yet bro. You earned a 10 this time I'd say. You already know everything I have to say about the piece, since I'm 10 feet away from you when you're working on this stuff.

Also, the only reason you'll get more stuff out before the end of the year is because you don't have a job you bum! Here I am slaving away at work listening to your music. Jeeze! =)

DonaldFletcher responds:

At least when I'm home writing music I'll be doing something productive... I know, it's nothing like getting paid to do NOTHING, but at least I'm doing SOMETHING. Heh. Thanks as always bro!