-One Wish-

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I made this song mostly for myself, needed something to lift me up.

Really could look at this song as my musical progression. I started off just like everyone else and worked harder and harder on every song. I slowly got better and better at what I did and look at me now. I'm a mellow guy so I figured this fit me just right.

Though I still have just One Wish....



Perfect in absolutely every single way!!!
Well done!:D


I've finally found the song I've been looking for. It's perfect, you have the happy dace, the sad melody, and the hardcore pounding....It's all there! You did a great job on this song, at first I thought the intro was to long, until i heard the way it played out through the song. I really like how you blended each of the different styles into an incredible song. Amazing job, I'll have to check out all of your other songs.


You've got yourself...

a nice style here matey.... i really like it... Nothing like some old skool trance/house (circa. '95) it makes me smiley in ways i'm not sure the rest of the world should or could understand.

As long as you keep pumping out this glorious mix between classical, and damned clever might i add, piano and hammering beats i think your onto a winner here matey..

just about to jump back to your profile to listen to your d'n'b and classical tracks... and trust me, this is exactly what i need after having to endure drunken friends at pubs in the middle of nowhere - london town - listening to indie all friggin' night..... /rant over..

This has a uniquely classic sound to it, theres elements of it the hark back to the good old days of 8-bit brilliance... almost chip tune-like.... but when that beat comes in i can't help but lay my head back on my opulent abundance of pillows and just bask in the atmosphere this creates.... for some reason it sounds as if the whole track outshines the melody... which personally i haven't seen for a long time in music of this genre...

I'm blown away by what you have produced on more than one level... keep it coming... i hope i speak for more people on newgrounds when i say "we want to see what you prgress into/onto as your style become more prevalent" :D



Mrmilkcarton responds:

My style should become more pronounced soon but I will be doing some generic trance stuff as I need to practice. Thanks though for the review I appreciate it.


After hearing Give Me Cowbell and then this, I've decided the only thing to do is to download all of your tracks. I've been looking for a good trance song with heavy bass, but that still has a melody. Hope you continue to bring the NG public your works of inspiration and heart.


in every song you i can tell that you have made progress. i love the music that you make. it is set apart from the rest. keep up the progress! and thank you!

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Dec 17, 2008
7:46 PM EST
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