Endless Destiny

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My first NG Audio Submission, and really my first REAL attempt at a Trance song. Enjoy.


Any music experience?

Cuz my first **shudders** trance song was TERRIBLE.

good job, :D

my old stuff is on this NG name: sashman14.

dont go there, lol, i dont want to get embarrassed, :P

Ack! The Presets! They hurt!

First off, let me tell you that I think your work has potential, but there are a few things holding it back.

First off, the track is far too repetitive. I know that repetition defines trance, but the way that this track is laid out, it's hard to stand listening to the whole thing in one sitting, in my opinnion. A few effects here and there would do a lot.

Secondly, there is the matter of the whole thing being rather unbalanced. During some parts of the track, there are synths that completely overshadow everything else for extended periods, while other parts are barely audible, essencially ruining the balance of the track. I had to constantly adjust my volume to keep the track's volume at a constant. You should definitely try compressing your audio next time. Also, the frequency balance seems to be a little off. You have tons of mid frequencies that completely overtake the bass of the track, for example. However, that's not a major issue and can be fixed with a bit of mastering an EQ.

But the thing that really took away from my experience in listening to it was your constant use of unmodified presets. Being a producer who uses FL Studio, as well, I know that those presets have been used a million times over, and as a consequence, using them makes your track sound completely unoriginal and uninspired. You'd do well to learn to design your own synths - it would do wonders for the sounds of your track, as they'd sound how YOU want them to sound, not how some guy who made them thought they should.

-DJ Ultimus

boom tada doda dada

dude....you suck for real man. that was the shittiest song i've ever heard. you are absolutely HORRENDOUS!!! and lolz jk haha i tricked ya but i think trance is the best and you captured a lot of elements in your song. splended

arcanedragon-2004 responds:

You really did trick me too. Thanks for the review though.

that was really cool

it was a mix between trance and techno (sounded like techno in the middle) and it was very entertaining. Keep up the great work.

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Feb 1, 2005
5:41 PM EST
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