[R.22] A Taste of Sin

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This was originally one big verse that got chopped into 4 for some transition. Thanks to war-spawn for the track.

*For NG Purposes Only*

It's finally time as I fuckin make this mine
Aint no other petty crimes that I got in the line
A lot of free time, like Paris and their mimes
And I'd never dare miss as i shot from my nine
Blood lost from your spine as I reach for your dimes
What you got's just fine but if you goin against me
you're gonna need devine intervention
What you got's now mine no bother ever rentin
as I put you on your knees like a preast be repentin'
quicker than the police can yell freeze
And I hold these destert e's that're meant to be spentin
Decissions to make as i try and shake off
the shiver, at the back of my legs so I can make shots
Walkin' on my block all you ever hear is talk
Til I bust on the scene leavin' all you peeps in shock
Growin up a lot by the beat of a grandfather clock
when life lessons tought by streets and dirty cops

Now look at what I got as I made it to the top
Mother fucker no I'm never gonna stop
And my words have downed more street soldiers
Than meat cleavers, rollin' bolders and hot glocks
and as you look at me you can see as I get older
more colder I grow with chips on my shoulder
And if you step to me you're just gonna be foldin'
Because all these cards that I be holdin
Makes me fuckin king of texas hold 'em
and you know my crown aint golden
But It's just a matter of time before good things start enfoldin'
Not bling no, I'm not into things
I'm just lingering try to get my true bearings,
Limping through unfare disease
I'm a slave to to this weed
But that doesn't make me any lesser mean
As I bust on the scene ready to make this world clean
I fire 3 shots directly into your spleen

So do not try to object me
Or you're hear my battle scream echoin' through the streets
And as I listen to this beat
all I really wanna do is hit ya with my feet
So you've had a bad week, least you got food to eat
So watch what you speak or you'll be bleedin' from your beak
Climbin' through your window when you're sound asleep
Bustin silenced shells not makin' any sound with my feet
Except for a little pitter patter when the casings hit the ground
And then I skip town no it's not like anyone
Will notice I was around never ever to be found
like I'm hidin' in the clouds
I'm doin all the shit that your parents wont allow
So when you're goin' to bed at half past ten
remember what I said about sleepin' in your bed
check the windows doors and locks to protect you from my lead
cus you think you got a safe place to rest your head
just listen instead so before you go ahead
And say somethin' bad about the way that I live
you will never ever even know about my bliss

Like there's something that I missed
But mother fuckers now let me tell you this
When your sippin on your fizz thinkin that this is it
I'm out livin my life to its fullest
So fuck the nine to five I say
I got better things to do in a day
And if it's true that one day
God'll look at me and ask what I did with given days
And what I did to earn the gift called heaven stay
Calmly I'll say, I took what you gave,
added nothing to the world your people made
Just float on by the cesspool world of hate
And maybe he'll just say thankyou for your insight
Even though it isn't right I can see your proven point
As as I fuckin light my joint might I
Look you in the eyes and dare you to try
just try, because I aint afraid to die
vice versa i look into your eyes...
and its time for you to meet your demise...


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Dec 17, 2008
11:44 AM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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