-[Change Is Good]-

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"Change Is Good"

This song idea started 5 weeks ago, it was Friday morning and I just went to school when I got there I noticed one of my friends had a completely differen't attitude then the day before. On that weekend I was trying to think of something to write about when a great idea hit me! I decided to watch this certain friend closely for the next week of school and record how he acts to make a song expressing his attitude each day. On monday I noticed he was in a pretty generic mood, he acted like he normally does and the same as the rest of the school. The next day he was in a more energetic hyper mood, some would so outgoing. After that day he was in an angered mood and didn't want to talk to anyone. On the last day, Thursday at the start he was in the same mood as the day before but he built up later on to be in a epic mood that he did some great accomplishments in. I don't really count Friday as a weekday so yea...

I just would like to point out that I have never worked harder on a song before, most of those synths are home-made from me in Synth1 or Vanguard. Also the piano rolls took a very long time. This is also in my opinion my best mastering, ever. Add me to msn if you have any questions (Profile).

Edit: Uploaded a higher qualtity version (Took me a very long time to render :O).

Edit: Fixed cymbal FX around 2:30 and added reverb to bass.

Edit: Clap is now not as loud.

Enjoy, rate fairly, and reviews are always appreciated and helpful!

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That's a pretty cool idea for a song yo- in fact, quite a good idea. Anyways I like how it starts out but I feel it gets a bit loud at the end. But then again it's your music, you can make it any way you want. So overall, nice job.

japetheape responds:

Thanks for the review, also love your avatar :D.

luv it

i think this is mwa fav. outa ur songs XD if not, its second.
(though i still rly do like the beginning to that other song that u made...crap i cant remmeber the name again...but it was like..38 sec. long XD i think that 1 may still be my fav.)

japetheape responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoy my music, but I don't have much time for it anymore. Even though I don't I will still try to post as much as possible!

Change is really Good!!!

One of the best songs I've heard since coming to this site. The beginning of this song was the part that actually got me hooked. Sadly you never mised it in again with any other parts of the song :(. Great work however

japetheape responds:

Glad to hear you think it is one of the best :D. Usually the arp gets people hooked but I guess its diff in your case :O. The reason I didn't bring it back was because (read the description). Thanks for reviewing :D.

lol ^_^

i have nexus, but i got it for free, and also snagged the 2.0 expansion (a butt ton of presets)

japetheape responds:

Cool sounds awesome :D, but I do suggest Gladiator :D.

is this nexus?

would you be happening to be using nexus by any chance? cause im thinking of buying it and was wondering if you were using this cause this to be honest is a fucking sik tune bruv. i love the meoldy and i can tell you put a shit ton of time into this sooo kudos on this man and hope you keep contributing cause i will DEFINATLY be listening to more of your shit. GJ again.


japetheape responds:

Yes I did use nexus in this but I would not suggest buying it (unlike most people). It is very good vsti except it is total noob because it is a bunch of presets and doesn't take any skill to make stuff good. Most of this song I used synth1 a more complex freeware synth that is amazing. That is the lead and stuff. I would suggest Vanguard, Gladiator, Zebra, Sylenth1, Synth1, Adventus, Alchemy, Z3ta, I could go on forever but yea. For the melody it actually sounds different when I originally made it and then I put an arp over to increase how good it sounded, it did take quite a lot of work. Thanks for the review :D.

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