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This is my first ever classical song, and I'm putting it up here to se what people think. Normally I do all sorts of electronica and techno, but I love the scores from movies, and wanted to make something simillar.

This song is all about waking up (possibly in a dream) and finding yourself in some strange, beautifull fantasy lang (Cheesy, i know). The first half takes place as you begin to stirr, and notice that something is wrong. There are unfamilliar smells in the air, and you can hear foreign birds and waves crashing on a beach. You become extreemly frightened, yet curious... You are eager to find out what this place is.

The second half is when you open your eyes and look apon a world of wonder. Exotic plants are everywhere, colourfull birds occupy the canopy, while unknown animals stalk the undergrowth. You cannot believe what you see in this magical land, yet you long to explore it! Never in your wildest dreams have you ever imagined a place like this...untill now! ;D

If anyone visualises anything from listening to this, let me know in a review! Also, please help me to improve my classical music composition, I one day wana be like good ol Maestro, who we all look up to ^_^




I honestly don't even know how to describe it, I just get this awsome feeling inside when i hear this song! I HIGHLY recommend either remixing or extending this song, it would be SOOO much better! Thanks for the great song!

This is EPIC!!!

In the beginning, I see sort of like a flashback to a plane crash/boat sinking and a bunch of commotion. Then at the moment it switches to the second half, the camera would pan back from a man's face and with a huge sweeping motion, pan around his body to view the island first then stop by looking at the sea at the very end.

This would be a sweet movie track, and its amazing for your first classical piece.

Nintechno responds:

Hehe, thats totally what I imagined while making it ^^,

I love the "around the body" pan idea.


Wow, pretty cool!

I began to imagine things just as the song started. Reading your overview of the song further enhanced what I imagined. Very nice indeed. Do you write at all? Because what you described sounds a lot like something I would write, your ideas were very creative. Music may not be the only thing your good at, keep it up.

Nice but...

Yes a but. It reminded me of a song which is used in an rollercoaster ride in the netherlands. All in all, I still like it.


Im listening to this on my Creative Surround Sound System and it sounds AWESOME!

Haha did know you could make surround music bro, great job panning those warrior chants ; )

This definitely sounds like good old Maestro Rage :D

Keep it up bro!


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Dec 16, 2008
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