We're gonna FUCK You Up!

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Aight. I've said before that I didn't think it was possible to make propper hardstyle with garageband, due to the lagg of hard sounds. However, I've explored some of the depts of garageband, and have discovered new features. Which happened to allow me to make harder sounds:D

So, I started the creation of this song about 2 weeks ago, but I originally got the idea for it some days before I started making it. Exactly as my previous song, this was inspired a little by Evil Activities, but I don't think you can hear that, so I guess it doesn't matter...

Anyway, most of the effects was made of myself, and I only used a few downloaded sounds. In general nearly all of the sounds I've used were made by me, so it isn't just the effects:P I even recorded my own voice saying "We're gonna FUCK you up", and used that in the song as well:)
It's my first TRUE attempt in hardstyle, so I'm actually realy pleased with the result, concidering I was so unexperienced in this genre:)
The kick should be waried, and there's alot of twists and turns, so hopefully this won't be boring:) Fortunately the synth isn't hard enough, so that's a shame. That's about the only thing I don't like about it though, so I'll hope you guys don't notice:)

Anyways, I've spend alot of time on this, so please leave a review, and tell me what I could do better etc. It'd be truly appriciated!



ya no song is not perfect but this one is
.so up urs

Hellstick responds:

Now now, people are entitled to have their own opinionsXD
Im glad you like it though, and i really appreciate the review(s)!
I'll make sure to listen to your songs if you have uploaded any - as a thanks for the nice reviews:)

Edit- just realised you dont have any songs uploaded... Oh well, thanks alot anyway:D


hey man i read your previous reviews. and songs cant be perfect they are be improved by never perfected and all songs have potential. I have a hardstyle song that i hope you enjoy i do like this song but its not typical hardstyle if thats what you were goin for. check out my song man i hope you like it

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/216338

Hellstick responds:

I totaly agree man! NO Songs are perfect, and that's the exact reason for my rather harsh reviews - to help people get a little closer to achieving a result they should be aiming for:P
Too bad some people think i'm attacking them as a person when i leave them reviews though...
Also: I know it ain't ordinary hardstyle:P I made this song when i listened alot to evil activities, and i guess it was ifluenced by that... I mentioned in my description that there is elements of hardcore in it (mainly the distorted bassdrum), so it would be a shame to say that this is 100% ordinary hardstyle.

Thanks for the review and the score thoug! I apriciate that and checked out you song. I might leave a review once i get the chance but dont take my word for it:)

dude too nice

dude this is PEERFECT for the the first part of the hardstyle mix!
could do an edit because it has to made for the competition
only thing you need is a hardstyle bass and harder kicks
but could you redo it so you follow the rules? cus i want that song:D
just add a hardstyle bass:P

Hellstick responds:

I can try, but my intention was to use the distortion as the bass:P
I'll give it a shoot though, and let you know how it went:)
(this would be my chance to fix the synths as well:)

Thanks for the review:)

Btw, if you don't have a sub or if you're listening to this song on a computer with a low bass you'll completely ruin the experience for yourself when listening to this song:S

=D not gay!


Hellstick responds:

I'm not judgeing anyone:p The title of the song is not to be taking literaly:P
Anyway, thanks for the awesome score:)


Your bass drum is damn sweet and I really like the overall song!

the only thing you need is to make stronger synths!

Keep this up ;)

Hellstick responds:

Thanks alot! I know my biggest issue in this song is the synth. I generally suck at making synths, to be honnest nomatter what genre I'm making:(
Oh well, I'm pretty proud of this song myself, so I'm glad you like it!

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Dec 16, 2008
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