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ZeroX2 PowerFull MegamanRemix

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UPDATE: If you love this song! your love my Dr.Willy remix!

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/195253
(copy & paste)
(watch out for spaces and the 20% backspace those!)

And visit my website! i am a comic artist aswell im kinda lazy dont update much but still!

Well Ive been spending a long time trying to make this song making it better and better i think.
Anyways this song will be playing in the background of my website. And i thought whynot upload it here on newgrounds! And if you whant to you can visit my website!!
Its www.yourix.webs.com I make my online web comics. Well i hope you enjoy!

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i'm digging the beat!!

YouriX responds:

Hahah xD

Have been listening to this song for three years now - and it still doesn't get old))
You've created something truly timeless and brilliant))

YouriX responds:

Wow! Really? I totally forgot i made this song. But thanks alot for the comment man! I should really make a new album now huh? :P

stylish man!

this was so amazing im speechless about it!

YouriX responds:

well i am glad you liked it!
Thanks the comment

Interesting take. (RAWR!!!)

I've heard the original of this song (played the game) and this version is quite interesting.
First off, I was kind of thrown off by your introduction to your site. At 0:29, I don't know why you have that second of silence. It doesn't seem to fit in the song very well.
The lead synth that you chose to play the main melody is a nice choice. Although personally I would have chosen a more dramatic instrument for the piece.
The choir that enters at 1:07 needs to be changed or just taken out of there. I'm not sure what choir you're using, but it sounds.... bland. Try lowering the dry signal level on the reverb settings. It tends to give a better result while working with choirs.
At 1:54 when the drums come in, it doesn't fit very well. The kick has too much echo to it, and the reverb is overall too high which makes the drums not fit in very well with the melody. It's not as bad in the other parts of the songs, but you should still lower the reverb and echo.
The part that goes from 2:08 to the end... the choir sounds off. I don't know what you did exactly, but it sounds dissonant to me between the choir and the melody. Maybe you should look into it? That and the choir still sounds very synthicated (I just made that word up). The choir is kind of stuck half way between a purely synth choir and a real sounding choir.
Now for the song itself...
Your arrangement of choir notes is very boring. The choir accompaniment only seems to have two notes vertically at any one time. Either that or it's one note that has frequencies at two places. I think choirs tend to work better with more layers on them. It gives them more depth and more feel. Plus adds to the dramatic part of the song. As for arranging the choirs, don't keep using only the first inversion, and use a good mix of chord inversions to make an interesting choir.
The part at 0:56, it's an interesting addition. I wouldn't have written that type of accompaniment to this song, but it works. So no complaints. The instrument itself though sounds almost as if it's going to peak, and overall could use a little better mastering.
THe lead synth that plays the melody from 2:32 til the end isn't bad. But it clashes with itself. I don't know what to tell you to fix that. Maybe use a slightly different synth?

Overall, not a bad cover version of the original song. Although I'm still liking the original better. Just work on a few things and this song will be even better.
I think I'll take a peek at your site.

-HFX ^_^

YouriX responds:

Wow what a review almost a whole assay. BUT i cant edit this song since its got like 3000 listens. But i will take your advise at heart its really usefull. And can be used for future projects. I wont promise you anything spectacular when i make a new song but i will do my best.
Thanks for the comment.

sounds cool

Only thing is, it sounded cool the first 10000000000 time's I've heard megaman remix's on the portal. Still, I can't say I ever heard the original, but this sounds good. I suggest making something more itneresting, because While it works good for a background song on a website, it doesn't do so well here. It just seems too....plain.....like something is missing.

4/5 9/10, not really any interesting hook and it's not an original comp

YouriX responds:

Dude you should really listen to the original because i did add some orignal melodies to this song, Because if you listen to the original it loops. So i tried being original with this piece. And this song did reach top-30 so doesnt that say something?
But im glad that you took your time to review my song.
So thank you :D

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Dec 15, 2008
2:09 PM EST
Video Game
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