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Heres something new for you guys, a ambient trance piece. Its very mellow and quite. I know the intro is very repetitive, its meant to be that way. Just give it time, it gets way better. When i ran this through sound forge, I heard a lot of pops and clicks. If you hear any, please tell me.

Please review and rate! :D

*EDIT* I manged to get it mastered some more, adding eq and giving a semi gate to some of the synths so they dont peak above 0 db. Hope you enjoy!

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Amazing soundtrack really belongs in sift heads renegade , (⌒-⌒ ) it's also helps relaxing wow I am going to bed .

Heh heh

Nice song...

Hmm review

Hi Ian,

I purposely didn't review this song because I don't know much about ambience. However, since you asked, I'll try and make up feedback that might be helpful or not.

So, maybe it's just my headphones, but I think you have too much subbing of the pads that makes a muffled sound. Maybe lower the intensity of some of your filter bands.....not sure which one cause I don't know how you made the pad. Until 1:09 I am sensing a voyage....nice and simple and relaxing.

1:09 and later parts you add in some kicks and some fuzzy instrument. It was an okay addition. I don't think the kicks fit well for the mood of this song. As for the fuzzy instrument...decent but a different more mellow less fuzzy instrument might be better.

1:43 I kinda like the lead. The filter modulation on the lead instrument was good. I can't think of a better way to do your filter modulation speed. It was just right.

2:10 I also like the new mellow instrument that comes in. Percussion isn't hardcore so fits well. I don't mind the kicks in this section.

The final part with the flute should be longer. Slight bit of fuzziness here but not much to disturb the song.

So, I don't know if your album is going to be full of these slow pace relaxing ambient songs. I'm not a real fan of these kind of songs. I can enjoy one or two of these types of songs....but maybe having a full cd of stuff like this might be a bit boring.

Nothing much else to say except good luck with your cd. 5/5 and 9/10 rev.
Bye for now

XTriNovaX responds:

Thanks! I agree with the subbing, its actually peaking. I kinda left it in, because it sounds distorted, fits with the piece, and is subtle enough not to be a problem. When I make synths, I either use presets or tweak presets to what I need. Im glad you got into the mood of the piece, that points to a good composition :D.

I'm a little disappointed with the kick, it shouldn't be so prominent in the song, but until I (maybe) remaster this its gonna have to wait.

Didn't want the percussion to be very noticeable, just a flowing back beat. Maybe even have a synth be percussive. It seems i accomplished that.

Thanks for the review!

Not bad...

Definitely fits the Ambience style and I like the synth that came in near the end. It feels like it could go somewhere really good. Might I suggest extending the track a bit longer and maybe adding a different melody to complement the other ones. That last melody, however, is still a bit on the high-end side and causes a bit of crackling. Not too noticable, but a slight touch-up would fix that and earn this song an 8. Good track overall, I enjoyed. 4/5, 7/10.

XTriNovaX responds:

After my hiatus im gonna redo this, i found a great way to keep stuff at 0 db, and that is maximus. See you guys in a few days!
*EDIT* I got bored to day, so i went ahead and remastered it. Hope you enjoy! :D

I was getting into it ...

at the end.

the concepts are good but this track could end up being twice as long if you keep working from where it progresses at the end of the track. some equalization is needed the treble is a tad to high. and i like your sub bass hit. wanted more of it. your normal kick needs some redefining.

keep it up!

XTriNovaX responds:

o.. I forgot all about the EQ! :S Anyways, there's only one bass drum, unless your referring to the slice I made. Its meant to loop back to the beginning though, so i have no plans of going further.

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Dec 14, 2008
7:36 PM EST
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