Forsaken - [Sy{X}]

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EDIT: Thanks to everyone on NG for listening, but I'm now trying to make some money off of my music.
The remastered version of this song is at: http://www.sycrossmusic.c om .


"Forsaken" - Title says it all: Betrayal, Revenge, Bitterness, Sorrow, Regret, Conflict.

Well, I've been working on this song on and off for about a month now, and I've finally finished it!

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out. I was aiming for an epic/intense piece... and that's pretty much what you're going to hear.

Beginning starts off with tension + layering buildup... then into 1st climax.
Middle is a nice, slow recluse from the action... but that can't last! Song finishes with a second climax and some interesting tempo change.

Finally starting to use Reverb and Panning... MAN does it add a lot to a song.

Hope you guys enjoy it.



Great writing

This piece here has excellent writing and composition behind it. I love the instrumentation you chose and I have very few complaints on the structure and progression of the song. I know you said you have no formal training (neither do I, haha), but it shows me that you understand theory and have either taught yourself a hell of a lot or have a unique ability haha. Anyways, excellent structure and movement of the piece. Great buildup and energy.

What's holding you back is the quality of the samples you're working with. I know how it is, though. Everyone's on a budget, especially these days. But god, to think what this would sound like performed or with some orchestral VSTs. I'd recommend saving up for something (I would recommend EastWest Symphonic Orchestra - if that's too much take a look at the Garriton Personal Orchestra). I know it's a big investment but you WILL NOT regret it.

Only suggestion I could give you is to take what you're learning with reverb and panning and take it further. Try running your reverb on each instrument (or set of instruments) through a bus or auxilary channel. Then you can take your panning for your instruments and set it up like an orchestra would sit (google orchestra seating chart if you don't know). Take your reverb of each channel and pan it opposite where the instrument would sit. Take a minute to consider what I'm saying here as well:

A reverb is the natural reflection of the environment a noise is played in (you most likely have figured that out haha). Anyways when a violin, for example, plays on the left side of the orchestra. Your ears here it positioned there but a few split-seconds later your ear hears the reflection off of the orchestra hall's right wall. You want to mimic that and make your instruments sound like their really being played in a real environment.

Aside from that. Try adding sample level (about 200ish samples) delay onto the instruments that would sit in the back of the hall. This will trick the ear into thinking that instruments are sitting behind others. It's not very noticeable until the final change, though.

Oh, I would also encourage you to switch up the second buildup. It sounded exactly the same as the first one. Granted, I'm nitpicking but hey, everyone likes opinions right?

Awesome piece though, I just wish I could help you out with better samples; you'd be in a whole different ball-field.

Nice Job, a big 5-age on the vote!


PS - The piano samples I use are from Logic Studio - Eventually I'll be purchasing professional quality samples, but I've also just purchased a microphone which means I can now record my real piano which, by chance, was just tuned Hoorah!

Sycross responds:

Sweet! Thanks for the lengthy and in depth review! I totally agree with you about sample quality, and I'm sure it would sound a lot better in real life/with better VSTs. Unfortunately... I'm broke, lol :P. The good news is, I have been working on putting together a group of instrumentalists to actually be able to record and perform these pieces. I'm really hoping that it works out, because I would love to see how it sounds with real instruments.

Anyhow, thanks for the review and the positive comments! I think the reason I can write music is mostly just that I've just spent far too much time messing around on the piano and computer for my own good :P. I will check out the Logic Studio Piano and EWQL if I ever get my hands on some cash.


This is an interesting song.

This song is an interesting song. I think that it is great and I hope that you can keep up the fantastic work! Great job!

Sycross responds:

Thanks for the positive comments, I'll definitely continue working on more music.


Love it...

...this song should be for an opening credits for a movie or something. Awesome composition... Keep making more music!

Sycross responds:

Hey, thanks! I could definitely see it being in a movie (in my dreams... lol).

Always appreciate a positive review and a favorite!



The first few seconds I was prepeared for 4 min melancholic piece but it hit me. Though at two places in the song I've expecting to hear the speed up rythm of Requiem of The Dream because the violins actually play the Requiem's melody. Still this is nice peace.

I give it high score because I like it but it's not it's actual score and you should know it... I suppose. Keep it up, mate!

Sycross responds:


The strings do play a melody very similar to Requiem for a Dream's "Lux Aeterna," but the two melodies are not identical.

Not quite sure what you meant in your last sentence, but thanks for the 10!


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