Strange Love

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4min58sec.Sorry for the low bitrate,if you want higher quality, email me.Leave reviews plz


Almost Perfect!

Wow, very good. Very, very good. I really dont know what to say right now. This was so "romantic" that I could picture a movie right in my head. I dont know what kinda movie it would be, but it would be good.

Some songs do this to me. They tend to be so good, that I cant imagine them in a flash. I cant imagine where they would be placed in the flash or what it would go with. That tends to bug me, because I love seeing what I want to see. I like seeing the great vibrations to every scene in a flash.music.

I absolutely love claps in every song. They just bring a dance rave to the music. I love the pads so much! And the trance synths going on throughout the song are rockin!

Hopefully you keep it up. Once I heard one of SonicEclipse songs about a month or two ago, he started to do even better each time he submitted one. I think it was because of the confidence that he got when three of his songs were i nthe top 5 of the week. That tends to boost your confidence and hopefully you will have the same effect.

I only wish I could do a good as job as this, this song was ALMOST perfect. What it could of used was a piano. Like a piano melody that can get stuck in your head. GREAT job and dont waste away your talent. Keep making music, you got some talent on your hands here, and I dont want to see it get wasted away.

0 Third 0 Nut 0

P.S. The part where I said I cant think of anywhere this can go in a flash, that means it is AWESOME!

AdmiralConquistador responds:

Wow, paragraph boy leaving me a paragraph! Honestly, I can't believe the success this song has had. Heh, first SonicEclipse told me he loved it. Then Dreamscaper. And now a paragraph from you! Thanks so much for the compliments, yea and after listening to it I feel like I could have introduced another melody in there without it getting too cluttered. I agree with you about the claps :) they do bring a rave element into every song. And thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate them from the bottom of my heart. I'm going to try and top this song the next few releases and hopefully get another top 5 song!

P.S. I can't wait for your song to come out! I can't imagine how long it has been in the making, but if you have been listening to SonicEclipse and Dreamscaper all this time, you HAVE to have some good ideas in your head!


I love smooth pieces, therefore…

I love this one!

Very Nice AC! I think that this is one of my favs of yours man. I LOVE the STRANGE melody in this one. I love the use of the synth blips and the strings playing off on the bass...very smooth and groovin'. Also, the filter was applied at the right moments in each part of this piece. This kinda' reminds me a little of my pieces "Whispers From the Past", "Final Breath", "Last Breath", and "Repercussion". I love everything about this track, it's so soothing and inspiring to make more tracks of my own. ~_~

Congrats on getting numero cuatro on the weekly cinco favorites! Awesome man!! Keep mixin’ those great tunes bud, and maybe we could possibly collab on a piece together sometime. o_<


AdmiralConquistador responds:

Hoooly crap. I can't believe I got a 10 review from Dreamscaper! This is by far my favorite song as well, being that I only have a few songs, and they're not that good hehe. Nice, with the STRANGE LOVE too, hehehe. Comparing my work to yours, telling me that I'm inspiring to you, telling me you would possibly collab on a piece with me sometime... My head exploded. There's nothing I would love more than to work with you. Thanks so much, I'm so happy I made it to the weekly favorite list, it's been a 3 month-long goal of mine :). Thanks for inspiring me to continue to tinker with my music programs, I wouldn't be here if I hadn't heard Miniature Fantasy or Zero Gravity in Dreamscape or any other of your incredible songs.
Thanks so much on your review and for listening!



Well put together. Just a great piece so keep up the great work! *hugs*

AdmiralConquistador responds:

Thank you for your review! *Hugs back*

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