Niburu Symphony. 1st Movement

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The symphony my stories and other works are based around. The first movement includes sections from The Gate of Dis, Limbo (including the 4th movement from Beethoven's Fifth), and a few other works im still working on such as Lucifer, Bring of Light. I dont want to give away the poetry behind this piece quite yet, but if you listen to my other songs and read their descriptions, you should get a feeling of where I'm coming from. I've already started working on the next movement, which, following classical symphonies, is a theme and variations entitled Dies Irae. Look for it soon and i hope to recieve some comments on what you'd like to hear from the next piece or change about this one.



First thing I'd like to say is: That ending sounded A LOT like ode to joy :).
Variation on the choir part.

Anyway, this reminds me of the music from runescape the game (even though I haven't played it in several years) - but I think that is due to your brass sound. I think you could find a more high quality sample for it...or a more suitable one for the song...Finding the right sound is the most frustrating part for me - ESPECIALLY brass, which is why I simply don't use it...they haven't really mastered the rendering of brass intruments it seems.

Also, it seems as though you are using the choir that comes with the program too...I know it can be frustrating, but finding the right sounds makes alot of difference- although it happened to work for this song :)

Still, it made your song sound more video gamey rather than epic...It's harder to portray emotions as crystal clear this way.

I can throw a few soundfonts your way if you like - although my main source of finding more seems to have vanished (more on that some other time).

Anyway, my favorite part of the song is, hands down, the piano part. I LOVE the intro to the song, I felt that it was wonderfully written.

All in all, GREAT song, but depending on what you were really aiming for, some higher quality soundfonts may have been a good thing =).


LacrimosaMuse responds:

hey thanks for the review, the ending is actually supposed to be a variation of ode to joy (read the description for Limbo for the background of the combination) i have been looking for some better samples that are preferably cheap. this song isnt actually supposed to sound too epic (you wait till the second movement, the Dies Irae) more than soft and somewhat sad. im trying to get some higher quality sound engines and as soon as i do, my pieces will be transferred over

5/5, 9/10

I found you chose of brass odd but i did well in the end,Your ending was what gave me shock and awe powerful and toghter.I found a very good mix of differnt strings gave its it inpendence.this was a great stike of guinius......I should have hear what else this composer had to offer before i gave battle at mount. a 4/10 id like to move it up to a 7 i belive is a brilint work in the makeing!


Very nice

I'll start this off by saying that this is pretty good! I haven't finished listening to it, but by the time I finished the review it should be through.

First off, the piano sounds nice. I think it could have used a bit of reverb, and after a while I noticed it was playing the same quarter note rhythm and it started to get on my nerves. Just a little bit. Maybe vary that up a little to hold the attention of less tolerant listeners? I also though I heard a pitch change at the end of a few notes, but that might have just been the music my mom's playing downstairs.

Secondly, I really like the panning in some places. Others... it hurts my ears. I'm listening on headphones, and when it's not evenly balanced on the left or the right, I get that feeling that I want to stop listening and give my ears a break. Even though I could just listen on my speakers... but on the good side, you put the strings, brass, and choir where they should go if you were listening to a real concert.

The choir sounded pretty nice, although they weren't really a main part of the song. They sounded a lot more realistic phrase-wise than a lot of synthesized voices on here. Nice job there.

I don't have much else to say... Keep up the nice work! I'm looking forward to hearing future movements!


LacrimosaMuse responds:

thanks, im still trying to figure out how to mix up the EQ/Panning on Finale for individual instruments/sections, but ill be sure to check up on how they work out while im working on it. the pitch change u heard was probably a key change i have around 2:30 that i cant seem to get to work. I actually have the choir singing the lyrics to Mea Culpa, and the Dona Deusbut unfortunatly i dont have the program library that can playback syllables.

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