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Aberrant - deviating from the proper or expected course


I'd be proud of it

Abberant starts off sounding as though it has the potential to be rather disappointing, much like many typical newer radio songs. However, I assure you that this is not the case. It ends up being a true work of art packed with originality. The artist sounds like he made an effort to harmonize his vocals along with the music, unlike many other artists today. Even though his lyrics are unclear, this could be easily corrected with a enhanced recording. The bass line in the beginning of the song is exceptional, and the guitars are great. If there were a polished recording, I would prefer to hear this on the radio rather than the shit that makes my ears bleed. A lot of thought went into this track, and I will be sampling more of torq’s music in the future.


I'm not trying to make any enemies or anything, but I gotta be honest, I agree with the first 2 reviews. The first time I couldn't tell what you were saying. Just now I could finally understand the chourus because you posted the lyrics. If you'd turn up the volume on the vocals at a couple points I'd give your song a 9. I can't give it a 10 beacause I don't know what "Aberrant" means, and I can't give a 10 to any song based on a word I've never heard of.

One more thing, I don't know if it's you or not, and sorry if it's not. Though someones been voting down a lot of good songs recently. Though I noticed your song got rated up by like .30 while all these other good songs were getting voted down. Noones going to go to general rock if the best songs in the section are getting 0's so someone else can move their song up an extra place. Again sorry if it's not you, just seems kind of suspicious.

BTW, just fyi, I voted either 2 or 3 for you a couple days ago for ratings, can't remember which. I listen to every song before I vote, I only give 4s or 5s to great stuff I'd listen to again (or pretty good stuff that has a unfairly low rating), 0s and 1s for stuff made on a comp or no effort, others I vote are 2s or 3s.


torq responds:

Well thank you for the lengthy review! Apparently I have a huge problem with enunciation (probably due to the slight lisp I have) and I know that I need to write less vague lyrics. About the definition of the word abberant - I expected that few would know what it means, it was suggested to me by my drummer, and as a precaution I included the definition as the description of the song. As for the voting, I have to say that I am guilty of spamming just about everyone I know with the link to the audio page, and I can't accept responsibility for what anyone else does, but I will tell people in the future not to unfairly skew the voting here... I'm not looking to make any enemies either, just trying to get comments/suggestions on my hard work. Thanks!

good job

awesome, i love it! i can't understand a lot of the words, but u have a nice voice!

WTF is this song about?

Bad and low vocals. Half the song I don't even have a clue what your saying. I have no idea what this song is about.

torq responds:

Chorus lyrics:
"We're concerned about your self-destructive nature
And this lifestyle isn't natural behavior
Show us what you need
And I'll try to arrange an intervention
With everyone you see
Embrace the reparation"

Makes sense to me... maybe you're not used to lyrics that don't spell the message out for you in explicit detail. Maybe you should just stick to your Linkin Park CD's.

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4.07 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2005
2:44 AM EST
General Rock
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