An Open Mind is an Open Heart

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This is fantastic! I have hundreds more recordings that I am going to submit soon. I made this one to try to convey as much feeling and possible as I can. But! That's why I had to take several takes.


its actually not that bad...

alot of the solo notes off key, but overall nice track, i like the dark sounding chords you use.

A little raw

This isn't a bad piece - it's better than anything I could play, after all. I would suggest that you spend some time working on it, in order to bring the whole piece forward.

I think that it's more like a sad sounding rhythm guitar line, accompanied by a tearaway lead, which needs to be worked at bringing the two pieces together, in order to convey the feelings of this sound better.

It doesn't seem to be a piece that requires the addition of either drums or vocals, and I think it might actually harm the track to add them. If you're going for a ballad, try making it longer and having a solo section, where the lead guitar takes off on its own, allowing the bass to rest, reflect and then join back in with some new ideas.

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It was ok...I mean it did convey some emotion, but to me it was just strum a chord pluck a couple of notes in the chord, reapeat. I don't know but sometimes the notes sounded completeley random, so you should try and learn which notes fit what when you are improvising. It just was kinda boring, and nothing speacial, but has some potential.

Not that great

But not that bad either. I like your playing a lot, even though you sometimes play the notes not very clean.
Also, sometimes some static sounds can be heard, which just sound awful.

I guess you improvised this, but sometimes the notes where just too much all over the place.

Other than that, the track is very relaxing.

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Not great.

This sounded like a song by Earth, I like Earth, but their music is usualy a higher quality than this. I could hear a lot of static, which put of the main track. You need to improve chord progression as it was all over the place. Nice, relaxing piece of music though. Keep up the work.

Kind regards -

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Dec 8, 2008
11:31 PM EST
Classic Rock
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