Night Time (Re-Edit)

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Re-Edit & Remake of Night Time, not very happy with original, as it sounded RUBBISH on a bigger system.

Hope this is more satisfying,



Dude, this is sweet - you def have pumped it up from the last version you gave me. This has great energy & power when the main lead kicks in. To be honest the only thing i think you should change is to bring the first lead in prob 16 bars later & i think the breakdown needs maybe a bigger build up kick but hey thats just me. Keep up the good work, one day we will crank out a new tune . . . one day!




Pure energie baby!


5/5 10/10 from me full of energy! i like this!


i see you spent some time on this one and it turnd out awsome.
Full marks

Fucking awesome

Sounds like there's too much distortion on the kick in the beginning, but that's about the only bad thing about the beginning. The percussion and effects indeed do kick ass, but I can't help but think it was just a random bounch of samples that you randomly put togeather.
But oh fuck... Am I surprised at 0:52... It's like getting hit in the face with a sledgehammer of awesome! I seriously didn't expect a synth to kick in there, and i must admit it does sound hell of awesome! :D
My only critique about this part is that it sounds a bit confusing somehow...
The bass kicks ass as well, and it gives me gosebumbs when the bassline change at 1:39.

On to the breakdown and the buildup: You have an impact consisting of a kick and a crash at 2:24 and at 2:38 again, and they simply need more reverb. The spheres is nice though, and the vocal at 3:04 suits the song very well. It somehow reminds me of some oldschool dance song, and I like that!:)

Anyway, the melody kicks in, and you did realy well on this part. At 3:56 you spice the melody up a notch, and it adds a nice twist to the song:)
At 4:25 the synth and stuff from the beginning starts again, and this too sounds awesome. It all gets a little confusing at 4:49 though, because of the secondary synth you threw in... It doesn't fit in somehow... and then again it somehow does:S It's hard to explain, but it doesnt matter, since my wories disapear again at 5:16, as the track is nearing its end.

Overall this is an very well made track, and it's clearly above the ng standarts. However, this song is very confusing at some points, and thus I can't give it a perfect score. You should know that I rarely deal out tens, since I think a song should be practily perfect to reciev a perfect ten. Thus 8 is a very high rating in terms of my standarts. I was realy close to giving you a 9 though, but I will stick for with 8 for now. I will definately check out some of your other tracks when i get the time, and I hope to hear more of your music in the future:)

Peace out!

Teck071 responds:

Thanks mate thats the best review I've ever had, I only really did this in 2 hours...so yeah alot of flaws but glad you like it!

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Dec 8, 2008
5:44 AM EST
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