{ReF} The escape

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The escape
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This time I raped a vocoder. That was very fun. Enjoy! :D

: : LYRICS : :


Lets run away
to a place long forgotten,
where we can live our lives,
where we can be free.
They want to catch us
but they never will.
If we run fast enough
then we can be free!


The word has gone out.
Now everyone knows.
We can't stay here now.
They are closing in.
We must run away
as far as possible.
Do not stay here, please.
They will capture you!

The further we go
the greater the chance
that we can be free.
It's all I want to be.
The torches are lightened
and the guns are loaded.
Hurry, hurry up!
I love you, so let's go!



This world was not meant
for us to live in.
They can't live with us.
We can't be with them.
But in the horizon
is our promised land,
where we will be free
till the end of our days.

If there only was time
for us to escape.
Escape from this madness,
escape from this hell.
The torches are lightened
and the guns are loaded.
Hurry, hurry up!
I love you, so let's go!



They shot you down.
You with the purest heart.
I should have realized
that life is unfair.
I can not win.
The evil is too strong.
Why is it so?
Why is it so?

They soulless creatures
they can just destroy.
Bring oblivion to us.
The end of the world.
Please now kill me
so I can be
with my dearest heart
for eternity.


is it so?
is it so?
They won.
Evil won.


very nice

this was really good
its a real simple beat but it keeps you locked in regardless
the only real thing I think I would have changed is making the voice more understandable, but its all good as it is so nice work :D

ReFreezed responds:

Thanks! And yeah, I will redo the voice on this one.


It's original, but the fact that the lyrics are barely understandable makes it a bit repetitive. the beat is good tough.

I think it's pretty original the way you did it. But maybe try to make the lyrics more easy to follow.

ReFreezed responds:

I see. The lyrics is really the most important part of this song. Maybe I'll improve the voice in the future. Thanks for you review!


It was good, but instead of using a synth, i say use your voice (or someone elses) along with the synth voice

ReFreezed responds:

O rly? Like, using them separate, instead of mixing them together through a vocoder you mean? Nah, I'm too shy sing directly... *blushing*
Don't know any singers either.

Btw, my recorded voice for this song sounds truly horrible. I'm not even singing, I'm hissing. :P


It's good. Yet I think you need to make that vocoder less squeely. Way too high pitched.

Good beat to keep you entertained. So 5/5 8/10

ReFreezed responds:

Yeah, it is a bit high, isn't it? The song actually gets much worse when you can't hear the lyrics. Everything is about the story.

Thanks for your vote n review!

I like this

This is actually a pretty nice song. The instruments are simple, but it still kept my interest. I like that vocoder... sometimes is was hard to understand it without the lyrics, but it still sounded nice. What's the sound you blended your voice with?

Anyway, I really liked the lyrics, and the progression really helped the lyrics along. Very nice job on this, keep up the good work!


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ReFreezed responds:

I used some preset in the plugin Sytrus. Can't remember which. I'm glad you liked it, even though the voice is a bit unclear. :)

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Dec 7, 2008
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