Await the Retribution (vox)

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This is my take on deathkllr84's awesome song, Await the Retribution.
All instruments were played/recorded by deathkllr84 (http://deathkllr84.newgr ounds.com/audio).
The lyrics were written by 7isgod (http://7isgod.newgrounds .com/).
I made some minor modifications to the lyrics, to fit them to my style more effectively.
Here they are:

Infection of deception,
Lies from a saint,
Maintain the resurrection,
Of everything I hate,

Disgust, attraction,
It's all the same,
Solemn distraction,
it awakens the pain.

Destruction of hope,
Annihilate my pride,
And come back with those,
Who have never cried

Inside me, I see you
Tearing away my heart,
So sweetly, I turn blue
Await the retribution

Inside me, I feel you,
The good things never last,
Maybe this time I'll make it through,
And let the past stay in the past,


My heart is lost to you,
My only one,
And so my pain shines through,
await the retribution.

Hope you enjoy, please vote and review.
If there's something you don't like, please explain your thoughts, I reply to all reviews.
Metal! \m/

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you definately have some of the best vocals on the portal man. your growl is the shit. keep the metal coming.

TwilightNecrosis responds:

Thanks man, glad you like my shit.
Haven't had any new things in a while; got a band going now, no time for personal projects.
But I am working with deathkllr84 on a song for his album, doing some guest vocals. Be sure to check it out when he releases it in a few months.
Metal! \m/


ammmmaazzzinggg, so great, love ur vocals

TwilightNecrosis responds:

Glad you enjoyed, amigo.
Can't wait to have some new shit to show!
Metal! \m/

project metal force

once you guys get that shit kicked off its gonna be fucking insane! keep up the good work you guys are gonna make some killer tracks!

TwilightNecrosis responds:

Hell yeah dude, it's gonna be crazy. Part 2 is almost done. dk84 is rerecording his songs, so part 3 is going to be coming along soon after... Finally getting this ball rolling.
Thanks for the review, man. You can keep up with the project on the MetalForce profile; we'll update that every time something new happens.
Glad you're excited; we are too. It's gonna be an awesome album when we're done.
Metal! \m/


I like it a lot. A nice little metal song, that just punches you in the mouth.

I don't really like the distortion you chose for the guitar. I think you should have went with a fuller sound. But that is just my opinion of course. One thing I like about it is how clear the guitars are. You can hear everything really well.

As for the vocals, not really my style. I don't get into the hardcore metal very much. I'm more of a Dimmu Borgir, Scar Symmetry, Mnemic kinda guy vocally. The screaming doesn't bother me too much, its the singing. I'm not into singing vocals all that much really. I mean unless they are epic as fuck.

As for the drums, they aren't half bad. I think you should compress the kick a bit. It will give you more punch to the kick, and that is the most important aspect for a metal drum sound.

The bass is a little low for my taste, but once again that is just an opinion. I personally see the bass as a lost and dead art in metal. Always being mixed out of the song.

Overall though good solid song. I like it a lot. 4/5 and 8/10, because although I like it, I think it can be improved in ways.

Great job!


P.S. - I posted a song titled Soul Stealer. You might like it. So if ya get bored go have a listen! :-D

TwilightNecrosis responds:

I appreciate the review, man.
Unfortunately, you didn't read the Author's Comments very well, where I specifically state that I had nothing to do with anything other than the vocals.
If you want to tell deathkllr84 about the guitars/bass/drums, go for it, please.
Regarding the vocals; my vocals are pretty death metal-influenced, which is what Dimmu is (apocalyptic death metal, but death metal all the same). Plus, I don't understand what you mean; screaming 'doesn't bother' you, but you 'aren't into' singing. So you're most fond of instrumentals? I don't understand; please, elaborate.
I am glad you liked the song, though; it was a lot of fun to do vocals for, and I think it's one of the best vocal works I've made in a while.
Thanks again for the review.
Metal! \m/

Holy shit!

Your vocals kick ass man, like the other guy said, I'm sure you'd have no problem getting signed with some big band!

Keep it up!


TwilightNecrosis responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you enjoyed!
Getting signed takes a lot of skill, and a lot of luck too. Hopefully I can get there someday, but there's no guarantee.
So in the meantime, I'm going to keep making new material for my friends here on NG.
METAL! \m/

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Dec 5, 2008
11:12 PM EST
Heavy Metal
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