Rueckkehr eines Engels

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My favorite song on the new album. And again I don't know where to put my powernoise... It's such a pity there is no noise section on NG so I've submitted it under industrial and I hope you don't kill me because it is no real industrial.


Heeeyyyy I remember this one. It was the first song I had ever heard by you. And that was around the time I had been using the ChibbiGirl13 screen name I was was sixteen. I also remebering that I was really into the Gothic/Experimental/Fusion Belly Dance and had been dancing to this for that. I thought the title was familar. I just started using my current computer.


Some goddamn noize!!!! This place is seriously lacking powernoise, and its godo to see there is some here, ill be posting some as well :) The dark moody synth in this track compliments your kicks and static sounds nicely actually its a weird mix but you pull it off :) Good work and the mixing was well done :)

Teddybeere responds:

A familiar soul (: Thank you for the review, I'll check your stuff out.

Who knows where the hell that guy gets his balls

For someone who's average score between ALL his songs is 2.61 (which I just calculated)... I don't think the previous reviewer's got any goddamn business telling anyone who can make what music with whatever freakin software.
Not to mention his grammar is so bloody poor I think you'd have to be a moron to understand his review on the first readthrough.

That behind us, I definitely sympathize with you on the lack of specific genres. I wish there was an Industrial Rock section here as much as you wish there was Noise for this piece. ACIDplanet has both, but it's absolutely dead compared to this place. But at least it doesn't seem have immature little turds like that guy. I keep thinking one of these days I'm gonna change my focus to AP... but yeah, I'm ending my rant now.

As far as noise goes, I can't fault you for anything you did in this piece, the genre being what it is. And as far as Noise goes, this is definitely right on. In fact, it's almost too well orchestrated. Really, I'd be hard pressed to pin this down between Industrial and Industrial Noise. I might be a little drunk now, but I can definitely say that this kept me involved through 5 minutes of material. As always, great work.

Teddybeere responds:

Funny: Only the pad you hear in the beginning is made with FL. Hm, I'll check AP out and maybe upload some songs... It won't do any harm if I spread my music over several portals. Maybe I'll get some inspiration from other noisemakers there...
Thank you for the review, especially because you took the time though you were partying (I guess). I like "In Saturn's ring", didn't find the time to find the right words for it but I'm looking forward to new songs from your side.

U Made

WTF You Made this with Fruity Loops Really Anyone can make a song with fruity loops Jeez

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Dec 4, 2008
5:14 PM EST
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