Await the Retribution with vox

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This is purely deathkllr84's. I do not take any credit for the music, only the vox and lyrics. I upload this on my account just to be able to give deathkllr84 a link to listen to it and also for you too, the users.

Infection of deception,
Lies from a saint,
Maintain the resurrection,
Of all that I hate,

Disgust, attraction,
It's all the same,
Solemn distraction,
Awakens the pain

Inside me, I see you
Tearing away my heart,
So sweetly, I turn blue
Await the Retribution

Destruction of hope,
Annihilate my pride,
And come back with those,
Who have never cried

Inside me, I see you
Tearing away my heart,
So sweetly, I turn blue
Await the Retribution
Inside me, I feel you,
The good things never last,
Maybe this time I'll make it through,
And let the past stay in the past,
Inside me, I see you
Tearing away my heart,
So sweetly, I turn blue
Await the Retribution

My heart is lost to you,
My only one,
And so my pain shines through,

This is my first vox for a song ever so please be easy on me, constructive critasism only please, no need to tell me to give up and die in a ditch or anything over the top.



You definitely have the correct flow, the timing is good, but like the other said... That is no screaming...
Are you trying to inhale scream? Inhale screaming is for deathcore panzies who cannot scream. Scream. SCREAM. Just let the air out, think of something that pisses you off, try not to hurt yourself, once it hurts, you're doing it wrong. Don't be afraid to be loud.
There are many ways to scream, don't try to sound like someone else, everyone's voice is different. Practice screaming into pillows, if you're afraid someone will hear you. lol
Keep trying!
Nice lyrics btw.

7isgod responds:

To be honest... Thats EXACTLY what I'm afraid of... I am kind of holding back because I'm afraid people will think someone trying to rape me or something...

I will find some time this week or maybe next week and try to improve on this.

Thank you for your tips.

Wow... needs a lot of work.

It sounds like you're trying to growl/scream very quietly... which is kind of self-defeating.
Unless you have to, you should be letting loose with everything you have.
Seriously, back off the mic about a foot and just yell, push from your diaphragm and go all out.
When your throat starts hurting, stop for a while and drink some cool water.
Then when it feels okay again, go back to it. Don't overwork yourself starting out, though - you'll fuck your voice up bad.
Keep working on it, you'll get there eventually.
I like your lyrics... do you mind if I do this song with your lyrics?

7isgod responds:

Hey man, thanks for you input, I will defiantly try it out.

And yes, you can use the lyrics and (sing) with this track too.

Goto deathkllr84's Await The Retribution.

I would love to hear what you have got. :D


give up and die in a ditch! haha, just kidding, man. seriously though, your vox really need some polishing. you should probably change your technique, since you don't really deliver anything with these vocals. very dull, and you don't really seem to have control over your voice, if you know what i mean. can't really give you any tips, since i don't really growl myself. well, that all seemed rather negative, but hey, it's a decent first effort, so i'll give you a 6 and a 4. all you need is practice. keep rocking \m/

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7isgod responds:

Thanks man. Well ATM I'm trying to find my voice. I am a drummer for 7 years, guitarist/bassist for two years and am trying to lern how to sing/growl/scream. ATM I've got the singing thing down, but I'm working really hard on the other two.

I gave up for about 6 months and when I heard deathkllr84's songs they just made me wanna get back into. So here I am, 6 months later, trying to find my voice again,

Thanks for your views, and hopefully I will find my voice and do a more better version of this song.

I want to get this song down pact and with the same lyrics.

Thanks again man.

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