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{ReF} Clocks (Remix)

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Clocks (Remix)
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This is a remix of Coldplay's song with the same name. It's one of my favorite songs. I learned much about how to organize a song in a good way by making this, and it could be my most professional song so far. So enjoy!




I really really do not like them.

Anyways. I've heard this song by them before. This is pretty good. Seems mellow.

Anyways. Good job.

ReFreezed responds:

What? They're great! :D Anyway, I'm glad you thinks it's mellow. That was one of the goals with it. :)

lol coldplay

This is one of my favorite coldplay songs but I wasn't expecting it to be the song and idk why but I started laughing the second i heard this lol

joking aside, this was a nice little remix, but it felt like it was missing something. maybe a heavier sound of some kind.
im not sure what it needs but it just feels a little empty.

good job

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ReFreezed responds:

It's probably the missing vocals. :/ I should have made it more of my own version; faster and more kicks and stuff. Oh well... Thanks for listening!


It's too smooth. I think you can come with something more harder for this song. Like some bass or percution would do good. It's well remixed, but there is no big subsistance. the song is too calm and have no real build-up, due to that, it may become very boring over time, particularly while it last 5 minutes. I appreciate the fact that there is no empty space, there is alway music, no pause, you see what I mean?

I...Kinda look mean in this review, but I think if I just say it's good and go, it won't help. While at the same time, if you think i'm out of the track, you can' simply ingnore my review. Well, I hope my review helped a bit.

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ReFreezed responds:

I don't think you're mean. :) I see what you mean by saying it's too calm. Although it's supposed to be very calm, I guess it is a bit boring. I may have tried too much to make it sound more like the original, but because this one has no voice in it, a lot of the song is already lost. I should have made it more like my own version. :/ But as it is now I think it's good for background music or something.

Thanks for your review! It was very useful :)

Ooh, a long one!

I don't see why people have to turn their volume to max, because that would probably break my eardrums. Not that this is too loud, just that my speakers go up high enough I can hear them from anywhere in the house. Volume here sounds good on my end. :)

This does sound a lot more structured, probably because it got so much time to progress. Just enough time for this song. The only criticism I have is to maybe make the synth around the 4:20 mark hold on a bit longer. They seemed kind of restrained, and it'd be nice to hear them drawn out.

As for the genre, it just sounds like a more ambient version of pop, so I don't really know where else you could put this. Maybe you could invent a new genre: popient!

Anyway, very nice job on this. It sounds very nice, and I'm glad you made something good and long. :) Keep up the great work!


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ReFreezed responds:

Yeah, it's good I made something good, FINALLY... oh well. :P I like that new genre: popient, lol. Anyway, thanks for a great review!

Not pop!

It´s good. I really like the melody, you hit it pretty well. However this could be better with some harder kicks and a better percussion. It´s also i bit low, the sound is very low, had to turn my speakers to the max lol, anyway it´s a good remix. It´s not the best remix i´ve heard but it´s good though.


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ReFreezed responds:

Oh shit, I didn't notice how low the volume was when I exported it. But not pop, eh? Then what? I don't know where to put it. :( And I really need some more and better samples for the percussion. Anyway, thanks for your review!

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Dec 3, 2008
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