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Lost Heaven (Mafia Mix)

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Lost Heaven (WritersBlock Mafia Mix):
This song is a cover (technically not a remix) of the classical theme tune to the Czech videogame, Mafia. The original was written by Vladimir Simunek, so the credit for the original tune goes to him.
All the variations on the synths and all the harmonies are mine.
The drums were taken from a variety of samples, and the synths were all created using 3xOsc and native FL effects. Unlike my last submission, there's no presets in this song. :D
Inspiration was taken from Karco, and his Paradise on E remix/cover and ZENON (I set out intending to attempt at Goa, but took this thing in a different direction).
Listen to the original, listen to this, , vote, review, show me some love. :D
If you like my music, please feel free to add this song to your favourites, or even add me to your favourite artists list. ;3
I'd also like to submit this song on YouTube, with a slideshow of artworks from Campnorth.tv so I might update with a link later on. If in the unlikely event that I lose the ability to edit this submission, I'll add the link on the first review.

Enjoy, I felt I did a pretty good job of this, even if it's a bit repetitive.

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A long journey

Huge 7 minute songs often loses appeal, I suggest cutting it down a couple minutes. For the most part I could get into the song, although it gets a bit repetitive. However at around 5 and half minutes I lost interest(I am not trying to insult you), repetitiveness can ruin any song(I have done this myself).

The ending was a nice touch, however the length of the song is was truly devastates it's appeal. Overall the song is ok, a few tweaks here and there could greatly improve it.

(Review Request Club)

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, I feel with practice I should be able to tidy things up and add more variation to my music without cluttering.


I really liked it. Great tune. Loved the bass. Grinded away throughout the song. It is a little bit samey, but I suppose any 7 minute dance tune would be. Other than that it does check all the boxes for a good song. Very infectious. And a great job

=Review Request Club=

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks Shanus. Glad you like. :D


Not a bad little tune, but like a lot of reviewers here, I think it gets a little repetitive for a 7 minute Behemoth of a track. You need to add something else to that beat loop to get the most out of it, most certainly.

I've given a 9, mainly because the variation element that really is dominant in this piece with the melody - you've gone all out to impress with that and while it's impressive, the beat does drag it back slightly, which is where the focus needs to be.

[Review Request Club]

WritersBlock responds:

My harmonies and beats really do need to vary themselves more as the song progresses, I guess I tend to get stuck in the same pattern and drag it on too much.
Thanks for the review. :)

Nice, but repititve

The build up in the intro is done very nicely. At first I thought this was going to be another boring techno song. But you added more and more stuff, makeing the song more and more interesting while doing so.

I love the synths in the background. They create a very nice atmosphere.

However, the song gets a bit repittive after a while. Maybe it's because it is nearly 7 minutes long. It's hard to create a song with such length without getting repititve.
Maybe if you try to shorten the song a bit it would be more varied.

{ Review Request Club }

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for your review. Yeah, a bit more practice and experience and I'll hopefully fix this repetitiveness problem that I've got.

Toucccchhhh uppppssss.

Alright. You progressed backwards a bit.

Now when I said you were better at techno, I meant you were good at original techno. With this song, you seemed to use a very basic and common beat. It feels....so......unlike you.

Until 2:52, the song is extremely repetitive. The bland, dun dun chick dun da dun chick chick beat rattles on for a while. You want to stay away from stupid stuff like that.

From 3:00 to 4:00, the beat went away to a more HEAVEN-LIKE tune. Unfortunately, it didn't last long, but rather slipped its way back into the generic pattern.

Same with 5:00 to 6:00, only that was a bit better. I loved those notes ^.^

I thought the repetitiveness got in the way of the song. It made it boring compared to the nice, ringing tone of the background sound waves.

So what I'm saying is, get rid of the blobby drum beat, clear up the tune, add some better sounds, and increase the HEAVEN-LIKE part more.

I usually don't write mean reviews like this, but this is the first piece I haven't liked so far. You can make better.

Sorry, had to do it.


WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, I was going for a more generic sound here and, unfortunately, it's not so masterful yet. I think a bit of practice on this style and it'll sound better, I do like to exxperiment around a bit, but I think because it's not as original as some of my other stuff, the flaws stand out a lot more.

Thanks for being honest, it did me good to read your review. :)

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Dec 3, 2008
1:41 AM EST
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