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This is my second instrumental, a rock tune that is also good for boss battles and chases.

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This rocks! Great job!

Great song! I just loved playing this during SC guitar maniac dx 2. I was so happy when I finally got the pattern down! I'll probably never forget this song after playing SC lol

Epic,On SC Guitar maniac DX 2,I was epicly owning this song

This reminds me of a game from my childhood.
I just cant remember which one.
Maybe Contra? nah. More like Alien Breed.
Arrrgh its so anoying! >.< why cant i remember?!?
Regardless. Cool tune!
It really brought me back to '90s :)
One and only complain i can think of is it wouldnt hurt to have some sort of ending.
As of now - the tune just cuts into silence. I really wouldnt mind it having some solid punch at the very end. Like you know, a dot at the end of the sentence.
Okey enough of me babbling ^^ 5:5

Love The Beat Of This Song. 5/5