The Puzzle Within--_--

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Whew, wasn't this a project and a half. I've been getting stuck at random spots during the making of this track, and that made it that the project was a minute and a half long for a few months. The original introduction that I had wrote for this piece sucked balls, but I couldn't think of anything else to put in it's place. So I got to the end of the song, wrote that arpeggio, and decided that it would sound good in the introduction as well. I hope you all enjoy this piece, because for some reason it was hard to write :P

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I kept looping this over and over again. I like it for some reason...

Aw man!

Yeah I love this song and I wish there was a harder beat though.This is one of my new top songs!
Anyways, mazin job!



jk dude. That's wack. Anyways, onto the review:

All I have to say about this track is that it's pretty good but I'm not sure how long you've been producing and also don't know what program you're using...but I wanna say FL cause it's as fruity as you can get, which to some degree you can't help. But, you can do this:

Get better quality strings. Get edirol or a better setting on hypersonic (that is, if you are using FL.) They sounded fruity.

EQ this friggin' track. It's peaking some, just a bit. My ears are hurting...and I got my nice headphones on, so I HEAR ALL. lol jk about that, but it does sound like you do indeed need to EQ and prob re-master this. Sounds like the filters are a cause of this. Stupid filters. lol

Get a better lead synth. Sounds like "McTrance" to me. lol again, I've made my fair share of that, but I know better now...lol. So you ask, what does that mean? Get rid of just plain saws. It's too "saw-y".

Make the track mixable? That's an option, just sayin. And that means get a better ending. lol It kinda just dies at the end...

Also, mix up the offbeat bass line? lol That's an option, i suggest it...

Nice melody and progression. It just needs better synths in my opinion. Maybe you're going for a weird sub-genre of trance, but otherwise...

And that's how I give it a "ehh..." rating. Not sure what that means, it's not OMG IT'S THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD! or DUDE! THIS SONG SUCKS!. It's way closer to the first, but it's not quite there yet. lol

Judge me off of this if you want, but it's my opinion. There is no right or wrong to music, it's just how I see it and what I would change if I were you...that's all.

PERVOK responds:

It's Reason 3.0.

"Impossible?! I...I..."

What is this it started crazy and the middle was pretty good then the end was good but im a guy who likes good intros so thats why this marked down but after about 20's its awesome


Audio portal isnt really what it used to be. But however, I found joy in lissening to your song, the title fits in smootly along with the great changes of beats, giving some "build-ups" in there makes it all better. And I fail to see why people rate down songs that deserve more, because they dont possibly like the genre. According to me, they dont understand the song (But that's another story).

Anyway to conclude further more, I like your piece of art and I enjoyed it. I liked the bass alot included in this song. And this is a final statement to those who rates down others brilliant work: I can picture myself doing a flash film or film overall with this sound track... Can you?

Cheers mate.

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Nov 30, 2008
9:52 PM EST
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