Never Understand

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alright Im gonna post a lengthy decription but if you read it while listening then u will understand the song better.. I will give out timelines to help u follow along. This song is currently about my life right now..

I will try to give timelines of what part of the song im talking about happens but it may be a little off so bare with me..they may be like 1-3seconds ahead because newgrounds has a moment silence
when u submit a MP3.. so keep that in mind.. but here it is

Intro- Slowly thinking to myself. whats wrong?

(0:13)- theres nothing its all in my head

(0:27)- Everything gets better, I forget my problems, I need no one because I have myself,money, & friends

(0:42)- Somethings missing , problems keep coming back they never disapear.. thoughts keep
popping into my head. ( thats the trance gate and random string sounds)

(1:30)- Faster, Somethings are starting to make sense now like I now understand all of this darkness and cloudyness in my head

(1:42)- I have it, I understand now

(1:55)- No Im Losing it.. NO! COME BACK (its actually a reverse buildup if u wanna think of it that way)

(2:06)- Breakdown- NO! I just had it.. I Can never realize what Im missing.. I dont understand.. what else is there? what is this hole in life?

(2:21)- thinking back to myself.. what is it.. its driving me crazy.. I had it

(2:30)- I have it but I cant seem to get to it

-(2:48) -Its all coming clear

(2:57)- Ill never be good enough for you because your heart already belongs to someone else

(3:10)- how can I compare when you dont know me

(3:21)- I wish I could tell you how I really feel but you wouldnt understand

(3:31)- I am not giving up but I will lay back now and fade away untill you give me a chance

now maybe u can relate to my current situation if you cant then thats fine but tell me what u think of the song..

Notice there are flaws in this song like for ex.. theres not a set pattern like chorus breakdown and verse because my life is not set that way.. some parts seem confusing but Im actually writing what and how I feel and my motion of events through the past couple of days


Well I enjoyed it for the most part

I am giving you a 9/10 because you expressed your feelings through music and did a damn good job my friend... It makes me glad to know that you found a constructive way to let out your emotions... Although.. friend if you really are having troubles with someone emotionally wise you might want to give her this song with the description... Who know maybe you will win the heart of that person... Anyways I like it and it made alot of sense so keep up the good work...

9 of 10 Hell yeah

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

Appreciate it but this was one of the scenarios where it was best to let her go..


isee u were trying to go for someting new, and different. i can sorta get that. but i feel like u kno ur goal, but not doing the right thing to get it done well.
all it in all, it wasnt too great. i wouldnt really consider this techno either, not because of the piano, cuz i think piano (when used the right way) can really bring out the liveliness of techno.

i notice that u have already sited ur own flaws. thats good. but if ure jsut the type of person with a different type of view to techno, then keep doing it. cuz theres always roomfor improvement.

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

yeah I know its not really techno.. It would probally fit more into a trance category or misc.. but the only problem is I like my songs to be reviewed so I can better myself as a muscian.. If i put this in a rock cateogry it would be bashed.. because Im a rocker myself and I used to think this way.. most rockers think anyone using a computer to make music isnt real and its fake and worthless.. I used to think the same thing till I tryed it and realized its just as compicated because now theres no excuse for playability reasons since the computer never messes up..

Piano and Strings have always been a good compliment to each other and I used them because it just brings alot of emotion just from those instruments.. both very pretty sounding instruments but way different in tone....
I appreciate your review and your honestly.. if someone doesnt like something I make I want them to tell me and tell me why.. I dont like the ppl that review my stuff and say Thats sweet sounding dude.. heres a 10.. I want to earn a 10 ya know but ppl on newgrounds throw 10's way too easily


It is really not that good, maybe it's just not what I was looking for, I just think it's too bland. But it does sort of make sense with the whole "breakdown" thing, it's just to quiet.

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

It probally doesnt because its not really a standard song.. like I said in the decription its not a set chorus,verse type pattern.. I understand you being lost but I kinda wrote out what just came out if that makes sense and this was the end result with some tweaking obviously..


The piano seemed really bland...Obviously it is a generator that is used to make those sounds, you should try making the piano blend in more, it would make the piano sound more authentic, and better in my opinion. The rest was alright I guess. There are a lot of things to improve here.

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

I didnt use a generator here dude.. I right everything out by hand.. The only time I ever use generators is for Arpeggios and thats normally with Synth leads for faster paced techno.. I translate my guitar work into the piano on these slow songs since I cant record my guitar to my computer anymore.. but all the piano stuff is writin by me note for note.... I was in band and also in alot of garage bands.. I know quite a bit about musical theory but dont know alot.. so the piano would really be me playing guitar if this were real


A whole Life Crisis in 3 mins and 52 seconds BRAVO MY MAN!!

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

lmao thanks... Idk if i would call it a crisis though lol

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